PAX East 2012 Borderlands 2 Panel: Axton Commando, Zer0 Assassin

Part 2 of our coverage of the PAX East 2012 Inside Gearbox Software panel dealing with Borderlands 2. Continued from Part 1.

After showing Salvador (Gunzerker) and Maya (Siren), the sceen switches to show another character, Axton (Commando)

(Screen shows the Guerilla Skill Tree)


Borderlands 2 Inside Gearbox Software Panel

Panel: This is the Commando, Axton, his skill is actually similar to Roland's, he has got this kick-ass turret, got some basic gun stuff, has a skill that lets you add an extra gun to your turret. So now you double your firepower. And you will actually see all these visual changes to your turret. We are not going to show you the full depth of the trees. This is just half of the tree. 

(Screen switches to show the Gunpowder tree)

Panel: So this is the Gunpowder tree, explosives, things like that. This is the longbow turret, Some of you probably used your longbow grenades in the first game, so now you can throw your turret like longbow. Another fight for your life skill, the commando is the only one you can throw grenades if you pick this skill. 

(Screen switches to show Zer0 the Assassin)

Panel:  Here is another character, Zer0. This is the Sniping skill tree.  The assassin is realy great upclose as well as far away. Some people commented when they saw the class that how come there is no sniper. This is the sniper class., and this is the sniping tree. If you like sniping, you will like Zer0. This is a pretty cool one,  if you can get enemies lined up, this is especially great for big bosses,  every bullet when it goes through one enemy it doubles its damage when it goes to the next, doing massive damage to the guy at the end of the line. (Cunning skill tree) Death Mark is a co-op skill that allows him to sort of mark an enemy for targetting for other characters so everyone focuses on damaging one of them

(Screen switches to Zer0 Skill Tree: Backstab)

Panel: This is the backstab and bloodshed tree which is about getting up close.  He has got a backstab ability which uses deception. when he uses deception the enemy gets distracted he gets huge melee damage bonuses.

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