Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough Black Tuesday

1) Choose CAMPAIGN mode on main menu

2) Choose "NEW GAME"

3) Choose difficulty level (recommended: Regular)

4) Fight your way to the Stock Exchange

-Follow waypoints

-Shoot Enemies from behind cover

-Turn right on junction

5) Flake the Russians on Wall Street

-Follow Sandman

-Clear building of enemies

-Follow prompts to throw a flash grenade

-Clear shooters in Store

6) Fight your way to the stock exchange

-Use XM25 to flush out enemy from their fortifed location

-Storm in with your squad and take them down

7) Rally with your squad in the Lobby

-Follow waypoint to enter building

8) Get to the Stock Exchange Roof

-Climb stairs and clear 2nd floor

9) Climb the Ladder to the roof.

10) Plant a thermite charge on the Jammer

-Approach jamming system

-Place bomb on it

-Follow onscreen prompts to detonate the explosive

-Jamming tower will collapse and radio contact will be restored

11) Use the predator to take out the enemy Hind

-Guide missile to roof to kill enemy soldiers

-Guide missile to enemy helicpter to destroy it

12) Board the Black Hawk Helicopter

-Use machine gun to shoot enemy soldiers on rooftops

13) Destroy the enemy helicopters

-Use machine gun on your Blackhawk to shoot down the enemy choppers

-Unlocked achievement:  Too Big to Fail

Next part: Hunter Killer

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