need help with dark revelations

Discussion in 'Tera Online' started by masticore, May 3, 2012.

  1. masticore New Member

    can someone help me do Dark Revelations? I know I can solo it but the kill never counts when I do it, and some friends told me to try it with someone else
  2. inovapor Member

    I seem to have the same issue? I just did dark revelations but I didn't get the kill o Karascha? what server are you on, maybe we can group
  3. kodoko Member

    I think you need to do 51% of the damage yourself otherwise the stupid NPCs get credit for the kill
  4. MartinGamer Member

    unless you have an aversion to grouping, get a group and do that quest. You dont need to prove squat to anyone by trying to do it solo
  5. kodoko Member

    someone told me you need to get the last hit on him but I don't think thats true
  6. RogueRR Member

    I killed Karascha but it didnt complete the quest!
  7. joker Member

    my quest bugged out too, i beat karascha but did not get credit for it
  8. inovapor Member

    wtf I've killed Karascha twice and I am not getting credit :mad:

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