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User PixelSith64

Member for: 10 years
Type: Registered user
Location: Washington
Bio: Reader, TV watcher and a gamer. Science fiction and fantasy are the stuff I know the most about.

I can answer almost any question about Minecraft, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, and other random games I can't think of at 1 AM.

Some of my favorite television shows include "Get Smart", "Community", "Fringe", "The Walking Dead" and "Doctor Who".

I'm also an avid reader, mostly into science fiction, but comedy books are also a huge source of entertainment for me

I own an Xbox 360, a Nintendo DS, a PSP and a PC. The PC is where I do most of my gaming through Steam.
Playing: Dota 2 (PC)
Team Fortress 2 (PC)
Minecraft (PC)
BioShock (360)
Pokemon SoulSilver (DS)

Activity by PixelSith64

Score: 1,927 points (ranked #38)
Title: Mercenary
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Comments: 4
Voted on: 2 questions, 18 answers
Gave out: 14 up votes, 6 down votes
Received: 101 up votes, 3 down votes

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