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Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 – Hour with Adam Savage

If there is something you can always enjoy, it is hearing Adam Savage talk about his projects. The former Mythbuster is always very active. He talked about his recent projects, alludes to upcoming shows and what he was wearing around the convention.

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 – Robots: Helpful Friends or Future Overlords

Robots are either going to be great aids or our future overlords. People knowledgeable of robots and AI speak on this topic.

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 – The Future Definition of “Self” and “Being Human”

A panel looking at what "Self" and "Being Human" is coming to mean within the digital era. A panel from Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018.

Pokemon Go: A Mystical Discovery Guide

Pokemon Go added in the long quest, "A Mythical Discovery," requiring the trainers to undertake an 8 part quest to catch Mew!

The Secret of Mana – A GameShampoo Review

A longtime fan of Secret of Mana, we share our opinion on the remake of the game.

Secret of Mana Remake Review

The Secret of Mana has received a modern remake. GameShampoo staff give their thoughts on the remake from gameplay. This game will be available February 15th, 2018

Pokemon Go – EX Raid to fight Mewtwo

The EX Raid in Pokemon is one of the most challenging pieces of content available in the game. The Staff of GameShampoo managed to get a raid with numerous members. We compile our research and share the experience of going into the raid and capturing the elusive #150 Pokemon.

Pokemon Go – Hoenn Update

Pokemon Go recently released the first update of Hoenn Pokemon. It came with a few changes to the game, here is our take on it.

Mega Man 11 Reveal and 30th Anniversary Celebration

Mega Man is celebrating his 30 anniversary. The announcement comes with a new game and the re-release of the 8 Mega Man X games for the modern console generation.

The Pokemon Go Global Catch Challenge – The Results Are In

Pokemon Go just concluded the Global Challenge. Here are the staff's thoughts on the event and how the community received it.

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