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San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Evolving the League of Legends

Gameshampoo gives an overview of the San Diego Comic Con 2014 panel: "Evolving the League of Legends." A team from Riot Games came and talked about the history of the game "The League of Legends."

San Diego Comic Con 2014 – Firefly Online

Gameshampoo gives an overvirew of the newly announce "Firefly Online" MMO. This looks into the mechanics and several features of the game with some surprising news for long-time fans of the "Firefly".

San Diego Comic Con 2014 – Halo Nightfall: A First Look

Halo Nightfall Panel at San Diego Comic Con. The cast and crew talk about their experiences making the new Halo movie and its ties to Halo 5: Guardians.

Mass Effect 3: Space Edition – San Francisco Report

GameShampoo's coverage of the Mass Effect 3: Space Edition and its attempted recovery by EA and fan.

Walk as the Dragonborn - A review of Skyrim

A look at the new Elder Scrolls Game, Skyrim. We return to Tamriel as the Dragonborn, a fated child of the realm to rise to greatness.

The game you will love for killing you. Dark Souls Reviewed.

A review of the unforgiving Dark Souls. It takes a quick look into the various systems inside the game and what makes it wonderful in spite of its difficulty.

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