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GotY - Best Xbox One Exclusive of 2013

The Xbox One is young, but it's already got tons of great games. Which was the best of the year? Head inside to find out.

GotY - Best Xbox 360 Exclusive of 2013

What was the best Xbox 360 exclusive this year? ...Were there Xbox 360 exclusives this year?

GotY - Best Vita Exclusive of 2013

This year may have been a dry one for the Vita, but it was still filled with memorable exclusives. Head inside to find out which was best.

GotY - Best Nintendo 3DS Game of 2013

In an undeniably fantastic year for Nintendo's handheld, which game came out on top?

Game of the Year Awards 2013 - Breakdown

Join us as we discuss our plans for 2013's GotY awards - bigger and better than ever!

Nintendo 3DS Holiday Gift Guide

Giving the 3DS/2DS this year, or receiving it as a gift? Find out what the top 5 best 3DS games are, and discover must-have accessories inside.

Apple Reveals iPhone 5C, 5S, And iOS 7

Apple revealed two new types of iPhone 5 today, along with their next mobile operating system.

Microsoft Pulls Another 180, Allows Self-Publishing For Indies On Xbox One

An online report claims that Microsoft is set to pull another policy 180, this time to allow indie devs to self-publish on the Xbox One. More details inside.

SDCC 2013: Lost Planet 3 Hands-On Impressions - Better Off Lost?

An extended hands-on with Capcom's Lost Planet 3 doesn't bode well for the title's imminent launch.

Tons Of New DLC Coming For Borderlands 2

Randy Pitchford announced new DLC for Borderlands 2 at the first-ever PAX Australia. Is a Season Pass 2 far off?

SDCC 2013: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Panel Coverage - Toys, Comics, DLC

Take to the high seas with Ubisoft's Comic-Con presentation of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Check out new toys, DLC and more inside.

SDCC 2013: Forza 5 Preview

Discover the future of Forza in our next-gen Comic-Con preview.

SDCC 2013: Dead Rising 3 Preview

Put on a nice sundress and equip your finest laser sword - Dead Rising is back, and bigger than ever.

SDCC 2013: Eyes-On With The Next Generation Of Kinect

We explore the improvements and social features of the Kinect 2.0, which will be bundled in with every Xbox One console.

SDCC 2013: Exploring The Xbox One User Interface

Major Nelson walks us through recording gameplay footage, earning Achievements, and hanging out online with friends.

SDCC 2013: Battlefield 4 Story Details Revealed

EA finally pulls back the curtain on Battlefield 4's story, just in time for the San Diego Comic Con.

SDCC 2013: Building Halo Worlds Panel Coverage

Explore the worlds of Halo 4 and Halo: Spartan Assault with the developers at this year's Comic Con.

SDCC 2013: Randy Pitchford Confirms New DLC For Borderlands 2

Even more DLC for Borderlands 2 confirmed! Check out the details inside.

SDCC 2013: Batgirl Teased And Un-Teased For Batman: Arkham Origins

Will Batgirl be in Arkham Origins? We've received two different answers over the last day.

SDCC 2013: Batman: Arkham Origins Copperhead Reveal Trailer

See the newly-announced Copperhead in action.

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