Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer Guide

Assassin's Creed 3's online modes are, at their heart, a game of cat and mouse. Each player will be assigned a a target to kill; you will be someone else's target even as you are hunting down your own targets. 

Hunting Your Target

A picture of the character you're supposed to be hunting will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When the portrait begins to glow blue, that means your target is in your line of sight, i.e standing somewhere in front of you without obstructions blocking your view. A second clue will guide you directly to your target. As you approach them, your heartbeat will brow steadily faster, represented by a drumming in the audio. Once you are close enough to your target, hit X or Square to execute them. Doing so from a position of stealth will grant you more points that blatantly running up and murdering them, so always to to assassinate your foes from crowds, hay bails, or other points of cover.

Speed is of the essence in Assassin's Creed 3's online modes, especially when multiple players are given the same target. This happens when one player is excelling above the others, and must be taken down. If your target is being hunted by multiple players, you will see several blue triangles over their portrait indicating just how many players are chasing them down. 

Evading Your Pursuers

Look to the upper left corner of the screen to find information on your pursuers. Beneath your name, you will see blue triangles indicating how many players are currently hunting you. There's no way to know which player or players have been assigned to kill you; there's only an audio clue to find out how close the enemies are to you. 

Whispering sounds will serve as your warning that the killer is nearby. As the whispers grow louder, the enemies close in on you. If you can make out your attacker before they make their move, you can stun them by hitting X or Square when they get close. This will give you around 10 seconds to escape.

Maximizing Your Score

Your score increases based on how sneaky it was. In order to get maximum points, keep your target onscreen and as close to you as possible in order to fill your score meter, which is located beneath the target's photo in the corner. The longer you stalk your enemy, the higher your score goes, to an extent. It will decrease if you're spotted or act carelessly, though, so be careful in your approach and take things slow. 

Now that you're close, get a special kill, like killing from cover or killing a target while the both of you are climbing, to get bonus points.

Like in Call of Duty, you can also complete challenges and get killstreaks.

As you are being stalked, stun your pursuers and escape from them to earn even more points.

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