Assassin's Creed 3 Weapons And Tactics Guide

The Assassin's Creed series has been steadily adding weapons and gadgets ever since the first game premiered in 2007, and by this fifth iteration there are plenty of choices new and old. But which are the best? And what tactics make them really flourish? Well, that's what our new guide is for. 

The weapons of Assassin's Creed 3 are:

  • Bow & Arrow: A long-range weapon capable of quick reloads and silent kills. This should almost always be your go-to for ranged combat, unless you're fighting a tough enemy up close, in which case you should opt for the Musket.
  • Hidden Blade: Great for close-range silent kills, or flashy counters for skilled players.
  • Tomahawk: A short axe used in hand-to-hand combat. Great for quick attacks and brutal kills, and easier to counter with than the hidden blade.
  • Musket: This ancient firearm has a very slow reload time, but it's flexible thanks to the bayonet on its tip. It certainly isn't the most flexible melee weapon, but in a pinch it can work. If you have the time, you should always switch to the Tomahawk or the Hidden Blade.
  • Rope Dart: You can drag soldiers into trees or off of mounts using this dart. It's a great tool for distracting guards by roping up their friends into the trees before scurrying off behind their backs. If you're opting for a stealthy play, the Rope Dart should be a staple alongside the Hidden Blade and Bow & Arrow.
  • Obwandiyag's War Club: This weapons is unlocked in the "The Ghost of War" DLC. You have to finish the Join or Die/Freedom/Deluxe Edition bonus mission to unlock the blub. It's a heavier and slower weapon, but one that deals higher damage.
  • Sawtooth Sword: Finishing the Freedom/Deluxe Edition bonus mission of the "Lost Mayan Ruins" DLC will unlock the Sawtooth Sword. This weapon is an all around solid choice for melee combat enthusiasts; it's not too slow, not too powerful, but generally balanced. Its reach is slightly greater than the War Club.
  • Flintlock Musket: Finish "A Dangerous Secret" DLC to unlock this weapon. Like the regular Musket, it's slow to reload but very powerful.

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