Assassin's Creed 3 Almanac Pages Guide

So, you're looking to collect all of Assassin's Creed 3's Almanac Pages and earn yourself the "Blowing in the Wind" Achievement, huh? Well unfortunately, that's a bit easier said than done. See, the Almanac pages are randomly generated, and one whole volume won't always appear in the same location twice. For this reason, it's difficult to pinpoint in a guide exactly where a volume will be. 

There are, however, some rules and regulations to the experience that can help you to find the Pages easier. 

For starters, note that you can only begin to collect the Almanac Pages after you meet Benjamin Franklin after exiting your ship in Boston. This happens automatically as a part of Sequence 2. 

Now that you're on the hunt for Pages, keep your eyes trained to the skies of Boston. That's right; unlike other Assassin's Creed collectibles the pages float around in the sky, making them tougher to grab. 

Luckily, the Pages will be marked on your map when you spawn into a game. Mark their location and once you reach the designated area climb up a building to get a better vantage point. You should be able to see the page floating around in midair from here. Once you've got a bead on it, leap off of the building and grab the page from midair. If you miss, don't worry. You can always head back up to try again. 

You'll want to start collecting every page you come across, since there's no telling which will belong to which Almanac volume. You need only to complete one volume of the Almanac to get the Achievement.

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