Dishonored: Every Safe Location And Combination

Below is the list of safe locations and combinations:

Safe 1: 

Mission: Dishonored

Combination: 451

Inside the sewers past the area where you get your gear back

Safe 2:

Mission: High Overseer Campbell

Combination: 287

Found inside Dr. Galvani's house

Safe 3:

Mission: High Overseer Campbell

Combination: 217

Found in the locked kennel door in the overseer's base

Safe 4:

Mission: High Overseer Campbell

Combination: 203

Found in the overseer's base

Safe 5:

Mission: House of Pleasure

Combination: 879

Found in the artist's house

Safe 6

Mission: The Royal Physician

Combination: 473

Find Practchett's safe in the North End map

Safe 7:

Mission: The Royal Physician

Combination: 294

Found behind a painting in the destroyed building outside of the Sokolov estate

Safe 8:

Mission: Return to the Tower

Combination: 935

Found in Lord Regent Hiram Burrows' private quarters in Dunwall Tower

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Said this on 10-10-2012 At 02:17 pm

I got different code for 

Safe 5:

Mission: House of Pleasure


code was 167

Said this on 4-14-2013 At 06:53 pm

the code for the house of pleasures safe is randomized between these combinations










Said this on 10-10-2012 At 02:20 pm

Safe 5:

Mission: House of Pleasure


brother  got 138 i got 167

Said this on 10-10-2012 At 08:51 pm

my code was 696, but for every other safe the codes from here was right, so only that safe have many combinations.

Said this on 1-9-2013 At 12:37 am
Thanks for the help.
Said this on 10-11-2012 At 01:55 am

.... found a safe not on your list.  In the Flooded District, on the way to Doud's base; there's a door you can upen underwater; swim through that and down into the basement, and there's a safe.

I have no clue what the combination is.  :(

Said this on 10-11-2012 At 03:43 am


Said this on 10-23-2012 At 01:08 pm

Try 428/0

Said this on 3-27-2013 At 04:16 pm

The code to that safe is 528 I believe.

Said this on 3-27-2013 At 04:18 pm
The code for the safe in flooded district underwater in the sewers is either 428 or 528.
Said this on 10-12-2012 At 03:29 am

In the Flooded District the key for save is '528'

Said this on 10-14-2012 At 05:08 am

In the flooded district are 2 Safe's 1st one is underwater like PAX said and the code is "428" and the other is on the way tot the sewers with the code "528"

Said this on 10-15-2012 At 02:54 pm

In Dr. galvan's building during the 3 misson.

There is a safe on the second floor. The code is 287.

You find the code in the room with the green bed on the desk there is a book That has the code in it

Said this on 10-16-2012 At 04:50 pm

Yeah I got 137 for the safe in the artists home during the golden cat act. I think it's set up to be random from a set of pre-determined codes for the sake that its one of the only combination safes' in the game that is directly part of a main and/or side quest mission.

Said this on 10-18-2012 At 11:18 am
okay everyone FOR SAFE # 5 it is vital to a mission (nonleathal) pendelton brothers
so the code is randomized everytime you play. You just have to torture the artist in the golden cat to get the combo
Izanagi Mikoto
Said this on 10-25-2012 At 11:54 pm

There is also a safe in the sewers after riding the corpse wagon across town. Its after you get the notification to find slackjaw (He has the sewer key). After the second set of river krust spore thingies attack you there is a room by the staircase on the left (You may have stepped back after hearing the spores ready to fire. Boards will shatter after they hit it. This is how you know you're there.) A note there entitled "Jelly's Next Task" gives a riddle about the months of wind (5th month) Seeds (2nd) and ice (8th) Hence the combanation is 5-2-8. (Follow the bone charms with the heart, you'll find it.)

Didnt see this posted here so, hope it helps.

Said this on 10-28-2012 At 03:55 pm

The last time u go in the sewers the bone charm is in a safe the combo is 529

Said this on 11-30-2012 At 01:35 pm

I found another one. two guys were bullying the art dealer. i didnt stop them before he died. left me the key. his house is right by griff. anyone know the code?

Said this on 11-30-2012 At 01:43 pm

Haha, didnt do golden car quest yet. didnt realize it was the aame safe. kinda stupod to have two npc thugs kill a main plot character before his mission though ehh?

Said this on 3-31-2013 At 04:25 am

for the code for safe 5 you need to persude the art dealer. it is te gay siting in the electric chair you can torture.

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