Borderlands 2 Patch Resetting Badass Rank, Golden Keys, Entire Save Files

Users have been reoprting issues with a patch for Borderlands 2 issued early this morning. The patch, designed to make the new Mechromancer DLC gel with the rest of the game, has apparently had a number of adverse effects on people's games, and depending on your attachment to your character sheet you might want to wait it out before delving into the DLC.

Many users have reported that the patch wipes their Badass Points score. This effect isn't exactly new, as several other triggers have caused users to lose their Badass Points in the past, but it seems as if this new patch and DLC may be another trigger for the glitch. 

A second, even meaner effect causes players to lose their accumulated Golden Keys, an accomody far more valuable than Badass Points. 

Other reports have since come in of players losing skins, heads, and even entire save files. This reporter can sadly confirm the latter of those; my own save file was wiped installing the DLC. 

If you have much attachment to your character, you might want to step back and allow Gearbox to fix everything before diving into the DLC. And if you were one of those unfortunate enough to lose everything, check out our guides to catch back up. We'll help you get infinite Golden Keys, Eridium, Badass Points and more.

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Said this on 10-13-2012 At 08:07 pm

How come every time I save my game, and then come back to play the next day or later that day, whenever, my Eridium level is back at zero? This happens every time I save and stop playing.

Said this on 12-13-2012 At 08:00 am

I haven't had save game issues yet thankfully, but as of this morning I suddenly had 11 golden keys, which I didn't have before. Not gonna complain about that, because I was wondering why I never got any and where to get them. Also my badass ranks were reset across all my characters, as was predicted. But the thing that miffs me the most: The stuff I was saving in Clap Trap's 4-slot secret stash compartment is gone, making me lose legendary gear! Is anyone else having this issue? Check your stash, people! 

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