Leisure Suit Larry remake will be "be dirtier than anything on the Internet", says Al Lowe, Creator

Replay Games Inc's Kickstarter Campaign, Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!, has raised over $350,000 out of the $500,000 goal, with 16 days to go as of the time of writing this article.

Leisure Suit Larry

In a Reddit IAmA, addressing a concern that "adult jokes and saucy environment in a computer game" are no longer a novelty today because of the web, creator Al Lowe promised that the remake will be "dirtier than anything on the internet."

Al Lowe released a video in their Kickstarter Page thanking the fans for the contributions, and answering several questions about the remake to Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards. We bring you the video below, as well as the transcript for those unable to download videos.

"Hi gang, I'm Al Lowe, after only four days of our campaign, I want to take a moment to say thank you, I am stoked. after just eight percent of our time, we have already raised 40% of our goal. I want to take a moment now to answer some of the many questions you've asked, both in your comments here, and in emails to Replay Games and to me.

Question 1: You announced you had the rights to the game months ago, so why are you asking for money only now?

Answer: Well simple, we did have the rights then and we thought it would be easy to raise enough money, but the big money boys were only interested in the next Angry Birds game, so we just couldn't raise the funds. But you, and Kickstarter can.

Question 2: Why should we do a remake, instead of a new game?

Answer: Well we need to earn enough money to create a new title, if the remake sells, I promise you there will be a new game. But full-blown games aren't cheap. Fifteen years ago Leisure Suit Larry 7 cost over a million and a half dollars to make. You can imagine what a new game would cost today.

Question 3: What will it take to get a new Larry?

Answer: Well, Codemasters still owns all the rights. We only have the license to the rights from them for a remake. We have to prove that we can make a successful game. We're going to do that with new backgrounds, new animation, new complete voice-overs and even real music by real musicians. We want to make a Leisure Suit Larry like you've never seen before. 

Question 4: Why Five Hundred Thousand Dollars? Double Fine only wanted 300k

Answer: Well. they originally planned to do a much smaller game, when they got so much money it enabled them to do a real full blown first class title. 

Question 5: I didn't like the last two Leisure Suit Larry games why should I support this?

Answer: Well, that's simple I didn't like them either. I, and the original team, had nothing to do with them. I think it's best if we forget all about those two and go on and pollute a new generation instead. 

Question 6: Will you listen to us?

Answer: Damn straight. We've read every email you sent and we've read every comic you've made here and we've answered many of them. We've added a forums to ReplayGamesInc Dot Com so you can talk to us about the remake. And we intend to interact with you throughout the entire process. 

Question 7: Who is Replay Games?

Well that's easy, every single director, officer or board member of Replay Games is a Sierra Veteran. 

Question 8: Why are you doing this?

Answer: It's easy, we love these games and we want to share them with a new generation of gamers. And besides, George Lucas makes a new issue every ten years and I got some catching up to do. 

Since you've watched this, you are probably interested in adventure games, therefore I want to mention another Sierra Alumni, Jane Jensen, has also posted her own Kickstarter campaign. Help us support her too.

In closing, I just want to say a big fat thank you for putting us over the $200,000 mark and beg you to help us spread the word via Social Media. Larry needs your help. If you have yet to pledge, please do so now.  And tell your friends to help Larry come again."

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