Skyrim's Next DLC Expansion Outed Early?

Fresh off of Skyrim's first DLC expansion, Dawnguard, we may have gotten the first information regarding the second DLC expansion thanks to a recent trademark filing by Bethesda's parent copmany, ZeniMax. If the filing is any indication, the next DLC will be called Hearthfire. Attentive Elder Scrolls fans will note that Hearthfire is also the name of the ninth month in the game's fictional calendar, making a September reveal or release quite appropriate. 

Of course, PS3 owners have yet to receive the game's first expansion. While Xbox 360 and PC players have been enjoying Dawnguard for quite some time now, Bethesda has issued no word on a potential PS3 release other than an earlier statement claiming simply that they were "not yet satisfied with Dawnguard's performance on PS3." Are we really ready for a second expansion when the first hasn't even touched down on all platforms yet?

Stay tuned to GameShampoo for the latest on the Hearthfire expansion, which like Dawnguard, should launch first on the Xbox 360.

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