Legend of Grimrock List of Spells

This guide details all the spells in Legend of Grimrock, and the rune pattern needed to cast them. If you find additional spell scrolls/recipes/patterns in the game,  please let us know in the comments and we will add it to the guide so that we have a complete spells list for Legend of Grimrock. Also let us know if any of the spells or combinations do not work for you. Thanks to all users from our forum who helped us build this list. We recommend you bookmark this page and refer to it while playing so that you can cast your favorite spells quickly.

Grimrock Rune Pattern

The grid is:






Spell Name - Grid Runes Combination - Spell Description - Effect - School of Magic

So for example, the spell POISON CLOUD is a Level 3 Earth Magic Spell which requires one rune, in block position  1. It does Minor DoT Dmg in front of the caster.



Legend of Grimrock FireBurst

Fireburst - 7 - Caster creates a quick burst of fire in front of him - Minor Damage in front of the caster - Fire Magic




Legend of Grimrock Ice Shards Scroll

Ice Shards - 1 3 - Caster shoots a flurry of ice shards in front of him - Medium damage in front, ranged - Ice Magic


Legend of Grimrock Poison Cloud Scroll

Poison Cloud - 1 - Caster creates a poisonous gas cloud - Minor Damage Over Time (DoT) in front of the character - Earth Magic




Grimrock Shock Spell Scroll

Shock - 9 - Mage creates a quick shocking energy in front - Minor damage in front - Air Magic



Legend of Grimrock Darkness Spell Scroll

Darkness - 2 5 - Caster creates a shroud of darkness - Extinguishes light around the caster, and cancels the effect of the Light Spell - Spellcraft


Legend of Grimrock Light Spell Scroll

Light - 5 8 - Caster focuses a beam of light - Illumiinates the area around, longer then normal duration - Spellcraft




Legend of Grimrock Enchanted Fire Arrow Recipe

Enchanted Fire Arrow - 2 6 7 8 - Wizard imbues arrows with fire - Arrows are enchanted for fire damage - Fire Magic


Grimrock Enchanted Ice Arrow

Enchanted Ice Arrow - 2 3 6 8 - Wizard imbues arrows with ice - Arrows are enchanted for ice damage - Ice Magic


Legend of Grimrock Poison Bolt Scroll

Poison Bolt - 1 9 - Wizard releases a stream of poison from his hands - Long range poison attack  - Earth Magic




Grimrock Enchanted Shock Arrow Recipe

Enchant Shock Arrow - 2 6 8 9Spellcaster imbues arrows with electricity - Arrows are enchanted for shock dmg - Air Magic




Enchanted Poison Arrow Scroll Legend of Grimrock

Enchanted Poison Arrow - 1 2 6 8 - Spellcaster imbues arrows with toxic fumes - Arrows are enchanted for poison damage - Earth Magic




Fireball Scroll Recipe Legend of Grirmrock

Fireball - 6 7 9 - Mage manipulates the air near him into a ball of fire, hurling it in front - Long range fire attack - Fire Magic 


Frostbold Rune Pattern Legend of Grimrock

Frostbolt - 3 9 - Mage forms a sharp bolt of ice and hurls it towards the front - Long range frost attack, chance to freeze enemies in place - Ice Magic


Legend of Grimrock Poison Shield

Poison Shield - 1 5 - Mage stimulates the party member's blood with anti-venom - Poison Resist +35 for party - Earth Magic




Legend of Grimlock Lightning Bolt Scroll

Lightining Bolt - 4 9 - Mage hurls a bolt of electricity towards the front - Long range electricity attack - Air Magic




Fire Shield Scroll Pattern Legend of Grimrock

Fire Shield - 5 7 - Mage creates a thin layer of heated air around the party - Fire Resist +35 for party - Fire Magic




Legend of Grimrock Frost Shield Spell Scroll

Frost Shield - 3 5 - Mage creates a thin layer of cold air round his party - Frost resist +35 for party - Ice Magic


Legend of Grimrock Invisibility Spell

Invisibility - 2 5 9 - Mage reflects the light around the party, making it invisible - Caster and party members cannot be seen by enemies - Air Magic




Shock Shield Scroll Legend of Grimrock

Shock Shield - 5 9 - Mage charges a thin layer of air around the party - Shock Resist +35 for party members - Air Magic

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Comments (19)

Said this on 4-13-2012 At 04:02 am

Are there no healing spells? how do you heal?

Said this on 4-13-2012 At 10:36 am

you heal by making healing potions with a mortar and pestle

Said this on 4-15-2012 At 07:04 am

i've gotten pretty good at making them during combat ... :)


Said this on 4-13-2012 At 11:44 am

Or by Resting (R key) after combat.

Said this on 4-13-2012 At 12:30 pm

There are no healing spells; either you craft/find healing potions, or rest.

Said this on 5-12-2012 At 11:43 pm

The only ways to heal are:
-Healing Stone (also ressurrects)
-Healing Potion
-Life Regeneration
-Resting (type R to toggle)

Said this on 4-14-2012 At 06:20 am

How long does the "Darkness" spell last? x.x

Said this on 4-15-2012 At 02:17 am

Darkness doesn't last long but is cancled out by the light spell, the darkness spell in primarly used for doucing the light spell if there is a specific puzzle that needs you to have the lights off per say. 

Said this on 4-15-2012 At 11:34 am

All the "Darkness" spell really does is shut off the "Light" spell.  It doesn't do anything else.

Said this on 4-15-2012 At 12:05 am

it doesnt as far as i am aware, simply cast light if you want to get rid of it, also unequiping and re-equiping will get rid of it. i havnt really noticed an especially good use for it aside from dimming your lights for a puzzle involving shaddows

Said this on 4-15-2012 At 03:39 am

Darkness-spell is only used to cancel light-spell so it has no duration.

Said this on 4-15-2012 At 02:06 pm

It isn't even that dark. Lasts approximately as long as the light spell, or as long as a regular torch.

Nice list, thanks. Just remember that if you are going to use the light spell, bring a few torches for level 10 ;) *secret*

Said this on 4-16-2012 At 03:50 am

Like several people said: The darkness spell does NOTHING apart from turning off the light spell. So if you have light spell active you just turn it off. If you dont have the light spell active then darkness does absolutely nothing. It does not remove the "world light" etc.

So if you havent used the light spell the darkness spell have no use.

Said this on 4-21-2012 At 01:09 pm

Darkness doesnt just turn off the light spell. Tf you holding a torch that torch will make no light until the spell wears off, also there is an orb ingame that provides light darknees also turns this off for a few mins

Said this on 4-21-2012 At 01:15 pm

Darkness also turns off torchs and the orb that glows for a few mins. 

Said this on 5-29-2012 At 05:12 am

Something worth noting about the darkness spell;  It does turn off any lighting created by the party (torches, orbs, light spell etc) and has a set duration as mentioned by others.  Something they didn't mention is that if a mob doesn't actually see your party, most AI's are set to look for changes in the lighting in order to track you down if you hide around corners or whatnot.

In other words, darkness is essential if you want to sneak around and don't have invisibility yet, especially after you find the Orb.

Said this on 6-27-2012 At 04:03 pm

I'm disapointed in the A.I of the monsters. U can sleep in front of doors are just arround the corner. Nothing will find you.

I'm playing on hard btw.

Said this on 1-1-2013 At 02:58 am

I was sleeping where I was sure I killed all the enemies in the area, buut I got attacked as soon as I fell asleep by a mushroom person thing.

Said this on 9-5-2012 At 12:49 pm

could someone send me a saved game file for after level 5 or

any level after 5..I give up on the pits..lol

I'd appreciate it..send to     jayhawke24@hushmail.com

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