Persona 5 In Development

Persona 4 Arena is a great fighting game (stay tuned for a full review,) but it can't fill the void in our hearts made by the lack of any concrete Persona 5 news. It has, after all, been almost an entire console generation since the masterful fourth entry in the cult role-playing series, and with series awareness at an all-time high the time is right to launch a fifth game. Apparently, Atlus thinks so too, as after years of teases, offshoots and remakes the Japanese developer finally confirmed that development has begun on Persona 5

Speaking to Famitsu, Persona Team producer Katsura Hashino said that he has submitted sketches for the game and its characters, and that development is progressing nicely. He sadly gives no indication as to how far along the highly-anticipated game is in its development, but at this point any news is good news. 

Later in the interview, Hashino let slip that he is in the midst of a top-secret collaboration that won't be revealed to the public for some time. Hmm...

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