Pre-Orders For Wii U Opening, New Colors Revealed?

Despite the lack of an actual release date, price point, or official confirmation of colors, things that are usually pretty important for a major console launch like the Wii U, UK-based retailer HMV is now officially taking pre-orders for the console. GoNintendo reports that the retailer is accepting orders for both Black and White versions of the console. We did some digging, and apparently GAME and EB Games Australia are also accepting pre-orders for the same colors.

None of the retailers listed above are talking pricing specifics at the moment, though. A mere ten to twenty pounds is required as down payment, with GAME reportedly charging the higher of the two while the others accept the lower. When asked, all three of the retailers could offer nothing more than "2012" for the release of the highly-anticipated console.

As soon as we hear more on the Wii U, you can bet that we'll be sharing all of the dirty details with you. This includes full-blown coverage of the system's launch... whenever that may be. 

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