Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough: Fort Dawnguard Location

After you have started Dawnguard, your objective in this first quest is to speak to the leader of the Dawnguards. Fast travel to Riften, which is the closest city to Fort Dawnguard. Open your map and locate the points of interest. Fort Dawnguard is directly to the east of Riften, however a big mountain range stands between your location and the fort.

There should be a quest marker to the southeast of Riften, which is where you will head to. If you do not see the marker on the map, open your journal and make sure the quest "Dawnguard" is active.

If you have a horse (or don't mind buying/stealing one), the trip will be faster. Either way, you will be going around the mountains from the southwest side (see map below). Most of the way will be on the paved road. You will cross Snow-Shod Farm, and once you have cleared the mountains to the south, you will turn east. Again, the map below will show you the exact route to take.

Skyrim Fort Dawnguard Location on Map

The way to Fort Dawnguard passes through Dayspring Canyon. The entrance to the canyon is through a cave due north of the marker. When you approach the quest marker, go north. Don't climb up the mountain, but go down into the valley. You should soon see the entrance to Dayspring Canyon.

Go through the cave and meet Agmaer, who is also on his way to join the Dawnguards. He will ask to accompany you. Follow him on the road, which will take you all the way to Fort Dawnguard. Once you reach the fort, enter and speak to Isran, the guild leader.

In the next part of the walkthrough, we will travel to Dimhollow Crypt.

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