Join The Dawnguard Now On PC, PS3 Version Still TBD

Skyrim players on the PC can join the Dawnguard as of today. The massive expansion pack released via Steam this morning, giving thousands of players dozens of hours of new content to immerse themselves in. Don't own Skyrim yet? First of all, you have brought shame upon you and your family. Second of all, you have a chance to redeem yourself by picking the game up for cheap on Steam. It's on sale today for a mere $29.99, a whopping 50% off of the standard retail price! You can also pick up Skyrim as part of the Quake-Con bundle, which includes many classic Bethesda and id games.

That's great for players on PC, but when can players of the much-maligned PS3 version of the game expect to join the Dawnguard? The answer is that, erm, nobody really knows. "We are not yet satisfied with Dawnguard's performance on the PS3," a Bethesda representative said on the company's blog. There is currently no timeframe for the expansion's release on Sony's box. The game has always had its issues on the PS3, so this development, whie incredibly disappointing, is perhaps to be expected. When we hear word of a PS3 version and its release date, we'll be the first to let you know.

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