Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough Hunter Killer

1) Plant a mine on the sub

-Navigate the flooded tunnels to reach the submarine

-Watch the sonar. Green dots show your squad members, while red curved lights show the location of mines

-Avoid the mines in the way

-Wait for Sub to reach intercept point

-Plant mine on its hull

-Once mine detonates, submarine will surface

-Commence assault

2) Reach the Missile Control Room

-Kill enemies coming out of the hatch.

-Go through hatch, climb ladder down.

-Follow waypoint to get to Submarine Bridge

-Place explosive hatch on steel door to blow it up

-Clear control room of hostiles

3) Launch the missiles

-Turn switch at same time as Sandman to initiate launch protocol

-Exit control room

4) Escape Harbor

-Get on boat

-Drive boat and follow the Zodiac in front of you

-Shoot mines on nearby Russian mineboat to sink it

-Board the Helicopter.

Unlocked achievement: Wet Work

Previous part: Black Tuesday

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