Mega Man 11 Reveal and 30th Anniversary Celebration

One of the series I have enjoyed since I was a child has been Mega Man. Having beaten most of the series, it is one I've gone through a few times. It is a series that has seen a number of ups and downs, like any that have been around for this long and spans so much of modern gaming history. Across all of it, numerous deaths and a lot of fun and enjoyment was had.

The original Mega Man (Rock Man) game was released in 1987 on the Famicom computer system. It took some time for the series to gain traction in the US, but the first 3 games of the series cemented Mega Man as one of the most challenging platformer games of its era. The weapon system offered a unique way to engage with your enemies and have a couple solutions to a number of puzzles presented throughout. In the 1990's, Mega Man got a "soft" reboot, with the release of Mega Man X onto the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This added in dash boots, wall sliding/climbing, and dynamic stages. Mega Man saw a complete redesign of the series and it introduced the blonde haired maverick hunter of Marvel vs Capcom fame, Zero.

The Mega Man X series will be re-released on the Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One in HD. Most sources (and Capcom) are saying that it will be a series of individual releases. Expect these to vary some in price because of the various release platforms. This series was released across the SNES, Sega Dreamcast and Saturn, and PS2.

Mega Man 11 was announced this morning at the beginning of the 30th-anniversary celebration. Mega Man 11 has been confirmed. Now, with the trailer, we have a release window of late 2018. This game looks to have 2.5 visuals, creating something very different in appearance from the other entries. Given the 8-bit appearance of 9 and 10, as well as the cartoonish appearances of 7, 8, and Mega Man and Bass, the series has had a number of different visual styles. Within the game itself, you will be able to slide and charge your shots in the game. It does look like you will be able to use a powerful attack with the Robot Master weapons. At the very least, Mega Man looks to gain an attack with a cooldown effect on it.

The stream itself had a wonderful tribute to the long history of the series. it showed not just the core 10 games, but listed, in order of release, the numerous spin-off series that Mega Man had inspired. This had nods to the Legends series, Battle Network, Star force, Command Mission, Power Battles, Zero, ZX, and many more. This lead to the reveal of Mega Man 11 after we saw Mega Man run through a stage that was an amalgam of numerous elements of stages past.


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