Destiny 2 Faction Rally Complete Guide

Destiny 2 Faction Rally


Destiny 2 has begun its first live event. This event has brought back the 3 factions of Destiny: New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and Future War Cult. They are competing against each other over a series of weeks. At the end of each week, the faction with the most reputation levels in that week, a unique weapon is available to everyone. Those aligned with that faction can get the weapon for 1,000 glimmer. For those not aligned with the faction, it will be 50,000 glimmer.


To begin, head to the Tower and begin the Faction Rally.

If the Faction Leaders are not present, travel to Orbit then return to the Tower.
*Travel to the Tower
*Talk with Arach Jalaal of Dead Orbit in the Hangar. Jalaal is found just below where Future War Cult is.

*Talk with Lakshmi-2 of Future War Cult in the Hangar. Go to the left just inside the Hangar to find the raised room overlooking this floor to find where FWC is.

*Head all the way to the other end of the Tower, past where Hawthorne is to find the Bazaar.

*Talk with Executor Hideo of New Monarchy

*Once you have talked with all 3 leaders, you can select your faction.

*Choose your faction.

*Head into Public exploration spaces, strikes, the Nightfall and many other activities to begin gaining more tokens.


You are awarded tokens for completing activities in the Public spaces, Strikes, Nightfall and the Raid:

*Lost Sectors - Have Supply crates inside - 1 Token
*Supply - 1-3 tokens per supply cache.
*Public Events - Fail - 2 Tokens
*Public Events - Normal Complete - 4 tokens
*Public Events - Heroic Complete - 8 tokens
*Strikes - 5 Tokens
*Crucible - 5 Tokens
*Milestone - 16 Tokens
*Nightfall - 8 Tokens
*Raid - ?? Tokens

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