Nintendo E3 2017 Press Conference

Nintendo E3 2017


Nintendo began their E3 presentation with a montage of games and coming for the switch. Arms, Rocket League, Pokken DX and a number more. They highlighted the variety of games that are coming for the Switch and is already available.


Reggie started the presentation talking about the battles and the quests that we engage in with games. He talked about the game as a journey, an Odyssey. This is the theme for the whole presenation.

 Nintendo E3 2017 Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The first trailer had a young man talking about their world made by their divine father, the Architect. We then get to see an airship docking into a port in a tree. Then Rex, our narrator, meets a woman who is a “Blade,” Pyra. Pyra regards Rex as the “Driver of the Aegis”, and asks him to take her to Elysium. It looks to feature a timing based input system for the more intricate parts of combat and using some special abilities. The game looks to be their struggles to reach their destination. There will be massive areas to explore with a day/night cycle and weather. It will have a number of new features and a larger world than what we say in the original game. This was for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and loosk to release in Holiday 2017.

 Nintendo E3 2017 Kirby

After that was a trailer for the next Kirby game. It keeps to the 2d platforming that the series is known for. However, it appears that Kirby will be able to recruit enemies to fight by his side. He will still be able to swallow them for their powers. This recruitment does allow for up to 4 players to join/ Likely you will be able to have some followers even with 3 other players working with you. It does appear that Kirby will be getting a few new transformations in this game as well. The teams will be able to perform team attacks to zoom through the level and triumph over numerous enemies. This looks to release in 2018 but is yet untitled.


Next, Shinya Takahashi came to talk about the Switch itself. He was relieved when he started to hear that the Switch was accepted as a home console that could travel anywhere. He told us that this summer would feature a number of multi-player games. He then lead into a special announce from the Pokemon Company.

Nintendo E3 2017 Pokken Tournament DX 

The scene cut over to Tsunekazu Ishihara who greeted us and then began to tell us about Pokken Tournament DX that was coming to the Switch. This game will be on display at E3. He then told us that a Core Pokemon title is in development from Creature Inc for the Switch. But it will not be available for over a year.


After a brief cut to Takahashi, we got another trailer. This started out in space and as the camera panned back Samus's emblem formed from the blue dust on screen. The music filled in to become the Metroid Prime theme, as we saw the number 4 and. This confirmed that Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Nintendo Switch.

 Nintendo E3 2017 Yoshi

The next trailer was for a new Yoshi game. This has Yoshi moving along various paths in a full 3d environment. While following paths across different planes, the dinosaur could throw his eggs both to the front and back of the screen. It will feature coop play, either on the same console or using the local wireless abilities of the Switch. This title is set to release in 2018 and seems to be called “Yoshi”.

 Nintendo E3 2017 Fire Emblem Warriors

The next trailer opened talking about a small kingdom protecting a dragon. We see a new dragon of chaos entering the kingdom, forcing a pair of siblings to flee from their home and lose their mother to the rubble falling over the doorway she was in, burying her. This is a new Fire Emblem title. The two siblings from the start of the trailer band together with people from across the Fire Emblem series. They team up with Xander, Crom, Marth, Corrin and many others who are working with them. This is the combination game between the Fire Emblem series and the Dynasty Warriors style game. The game will be releasing Fall 2017.

Nintendo E3 2017 Breath of the Wild DLC 

Eiji Aonuma came on next. He talked about how the new Zelda Items will be appearing in Skyrim for the switch. After that, he lead us into a preview of the new DLC packs coming for Breath of the Wild. First was the Link making his way through the increasingly difficult gauntlet of enemies using only what he can find, the Trial of the Sword. He appeared out of a Sheikah Teleport with nothing in his possession. We see him find a stick and start taking down Bokoblins. Next they showed the new armor and the Hero's Path feature. Highlighted were Majora's Mask, the Twilight Mask, the Phantom Armor, Tingle's Outfit and the Korok mask. Next was the Master Mode being added, with the increased difficult. More enemies are screen around as well as floating platforms with enemies on them. The platforms are held aloft by 3 Octoroks and we see Link throw his Woodcutter's Axe to sever the rope holding the Octorock and causing the Bokoblin on the platform to fall into the water below. We then see Link fighting a Stone Talus that he has damaged, later in the fight the health bar turned a rainbow color as the Talus started to heal. The last scene was Link fighting against a Lynel in an open field at night. We see Link parry the Lynel's club swing and then start to attack it. It cut then to the splash screen for the DLC pack. This screen gave the first DLC the title “The Master Trials.” This will release June 30th, 2017. It then cut to a seen with a Rito, Kass, playing his accordion and highlighting the champions from the game that represented the different races of Hyrule. The second DLC is called the The Champion's Ballad. He finished his presentation telling us that the Champions will be available as Amiibo for both the core game and the DLC that will feature them.

 Nintendo E3 2017

Reggi came on to talk about the travel that the Switch allows. He used this to start talking about the Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational. This will be an international competition and the E3 competition will be on June 13th, 2017 in Los Angeles, Ca. Tomorrow, June 14th, the Pokken Invitational will be held as well in Los Angeles. They will also will have Arms tournament of 8 players throwing punches to see who will emerge victorious. There will be 4 Pros in the Tournaments and 4 will be E3 attendees who rise to the top by battling others on the show floor. After that, he brought it back to the new games that they wanted to showcase.

 Nintendo E3 2017 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

It then cut to a trailer for “Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.” It started with a Rabbid riding a Piranha plant like a bull. The trialer then jumped to Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft for the actual announcement of the Rabbids coming to the Switch in this crossover title. We then see the Rabbids holding a goomba that they blast with paint from an oversized tube then a Rabbid dressed as Princess Peach looking unimpressed at Princess Peach's dress. After that was a lineup with Mario, a Rabbid in a Green Artist's smock and oversized hat and once again the Princess Peach Rabbid. We see this trio moving along wooden walkway with a rope railing on its sides collecting coins. In front of them is a small roomba style machine possibly guiding them. It showed a few action shots and then changed to show the Rabbids and other Mario monsters fighting against Mario and the Rabbids with him. It looks to be a cover-based system and everyone has a variety of weapons and tools they can use. Another battle scene is shown after that, on a snowy field with the party fighting using snowballs. The team will be able to use the cover that is there, but almost all of it is destructible. The team can use Team Jump to launch over a long distance and close in the distance between you and your opponents.. This looks to provide a tactical style of game. Going with the Rabbids Mario, Peach and Luigi will be trying to put the Kingdom back together. This game will be launching August 29th, 2017.

Nintendo E3 2017 Rocket League 

The next trailer was for a Rocket League on the switch. This version will feature exclusive customization items, like Mario and Luigi cars. and new modes. It will also feature cross-platform play for Switch players to enjoy going against their friends regardless of the platform they have. Naturally there is also cross-network play, allowing for switch users to battle each other across the world and locally. The game will also feature some new and unique cars for the Switch that will be revealed later on this year. From Psyonix, the company behind Rocket League, they had Jeremy Dunham and Corey David come on the presentation to welcome the Nintendo Switch into the Rocket League experience. The game is set for a Holdiay 2017 release date.

 Nintendo E3 2017 Super Mario Odyssey

The next trailer opened with a giant T-rex that had a Mario Hat on it. This hat came alive and revealed Mario underneath it. After that, a big swing band started their number and trailer got started properly. Just after that, we see Mario driving on the streets of New Donk City on a Moped. Then he was running down a hill in what looked like a grey-scale world with a brilliant yellow moon. The next location had Mario in a Purple and Yellow triangle rimmed sombrero and in a poncho headed toward an Aztec style archway. To the left and right of that archway were transparent crystalline structures. Last we see a green valley with a waterfall cascading out from the fossilized remains of a dinosaur. Then we saw Bowser in a White tux with a scale pattern on it, sporting a white spiked top-hat as he runs away with Princess Peach. The scene changes to the Ghost world again with a Ghost in the same of a Tophat that is heading across the screen in the central focus. It then flies up, spins and lands on top of Mario's head. We then see Mario fighting a number of spiky enemies of variety of colors. He is fighting by having his cap spin around him and knocking the enemies out of the way. We then see him in a blue star-printed shirt with red and white striped overalls. He uses his cap to make a number of flowers bloom to reveal a large heart from them. We then jump back to the Aztec area with Mario spinning his Sombrero around himself. He flicks it at what looks to be a statue only to reveal a flower-shaped spring. He repeats the hat flick mid-air to activate a second spring. Mario was shown in a variety of outfits with a lot of different abilities. His hat looks to be crucial to his abilities and allows him to take on different outfits. Most uniquely, possess enemies. During the trailer we saw him take control of a T-rex and a frog. We also see him as a Goomba, Cheep-Cheep, and many others. Almost all of them got Mario's trademark mustache and cap. Super Mario Odyssey has a release date of October 27th, 2017.

Nintendo E3 2017 Metroid Samus Returns

After the main stream, they continued with the reveal of more new game: a new 3DS game, Metroid: Samus Returns. This game will have amiibo support, new areas and weapons to explore and use. The amiibo are of course, Samus in her Metroid 2 pose in her Power Armor and a Larval Metroid that is squishy having just broken out of its container. This game looks to be a re-imagining of the Gameboy Game “Metroid 2: The Return of Samus.” for the Nintendo 3DS. It will support full 360 degree aiming for Samus and include a Melee counter ability. This counter ability will make it a lot more enjoyable to face off against the more advanced forms of Metroids that she will encounter in the later portions of the game. She will also be getting some unique new abilities that will have their own energy gauge. These will improve her traversal skills and make hunting secrets a bit more fun and a little less guess work. Samus will be getting the Spring Ball and Bomb Jumping is a very real ability in-game. Bomb Jumping, with proper timing can allow for early access to different areas but is also key for finding some secrets. The game will have a number of Teleport stations that will allow for quick and easy backtracking through previously explored areas to find hidden and new items. This game will feature a Special edition that comes with the “Metroid Archives”, an audio compilation CD of the music from the series.

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