Pokemon Go - The Johto Update

Pokemon Go - The Johto Update


Pokemon Go has been long overdue for a serious update. We still do not know when we will receive trainer battling (beyond the Gyms) or trading. Instead, we have gotten a massive update to the game which has added in a number of tweaks to the game as well as 80 of the Second Generation, referred to as the Johto Pokemon, being added into the game.


Move Tweaks

A number of moves have been altered in little ways. Most have been powered up, but you will also see an increase in the time needed to use a move from the last iteration. This can make taking down a massive tank like Blissey incredibly difficult to do in 99 seconds, but with enough Pokemon or the right moves, it can be done. It also appears that the critical hit chance has dropped some, but many are still working on confirming this.


Item Evolution

More evolutions have been added into Pokemon Go. Some require an item be in your inventory as have as having the requisite number of candies. All of these items can be acquired from Poke Stops, just like Eggs. Sunken can evolve if you have a Sun Stone and the needed candy into SUnflora. Just as this same stone will allow you to evolve a Gloom into a Bellossom. Slowpoke can evolve into Slowking if you get a King's Rock and the same for Poliwhirl evolving into Politoad. With the Metal Coat you can evolve Scyther into Scizor and Onix into Steelix. The Dragonscale allows Seadra to evolve into Kingdra. There is also the Up-grade item which can be used to evolve Porygon into Porygon 2. Most of these were either using the new item or trading the Pokemon holding the item.


New Berries

Two new kinds of berries have been added into the game. These are the Pinap Berries and the Nanab Berry. The Pinap Berry doubles the amount of candy that you get when you catch a wild Pokemon. The Nanab Berry slows the attacks of the wild Pokemon, making them more predictable and easier to catch.


Pokemon Go has been overdue for improvements like this. There are still things that we would like to see added into the game. Just how much longer it can keep to the edges of relevance is a big question. The core player base just got 80 more Pokemon added into the world. They will be appearing in all the same places as the original 150. No Pokemon have been noted as replaced just yet so just keep hunting for that missing Ditto.

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