Pokemon Go - Johto Eevee Evolutions

Pokemon Go – Getting Umbreon and Espeon


Pokemon Go has been long overdue for a serious update. We still do not know when we will receive trainer battling (beyond the Gyms) or trading. Instead, we have gotten a massive update to the game (255 mb on iPhone) which has added in a number of tweaks to the game as well as 80 of the Second Generation, referred to as the Johto Pokemon, being added into the game. Included in this update were 2 new Eevee Evolutions: Umbreon and Espeon.


Getting the new Evolutions remains a simple matter, for the first ones only. There is an Easter Egg within the game that using specific nicknames will, for the first time only, guarantee that the Eevee will evolve into the chosen form. Remember, this only works once!

 Pokemon Go Umbreon 

Umbreon – Nickname: Tamao

Pokemon Go Espeon 

Espeon – Nickname: Sakura



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