Pokemon GO: Holiday Event & Johto Pokemon

Pokemon GO: Holiday Event Begins


The Holidays have begun for everyone. Lights can be found everywhere that you will be able to see and enjoy as you take to the streets once more to hunt for the special Pokemon that has been added into Pokemon GO. There will be quite a bit to see at least as you wander about. Remember to pay attention as you hunt for Pokemon, obey all posted signs and be respectful.


In addition to a unique Pokemon, for the first time, Niantic has begun to bring out Generation 2 Pokemon. The next 100 Pokemon have been added into the game. Some of them are now available from Eggs that you can collect from Poke Stops. Which ones are still being discovered but a new article can be expected once the information is confirmed from Silph Road.


The Santa Pikachu

Pokemon Go Santa Pikachu

This Pokemon will be available for capture from December 12th, 2016 until December 29th, 2016 at 10 am PST. It can appear in any place that a Pikachu can and in many places the electric mouse cannot. The spawn rate for Pikachu has been increased to aid in Trainers finding this Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Santa Pikachu

I never see Pikachu around my house and yet encountered 2 Santa Pikachus when I was making my Poke Stop run today. Even if you are not a fan of the Santa Cap, which it will retain upon evolution, this is a great chance to catch more Pikachus for evolving others. Monitor your Nearby to help track them down. Expect to encounter quite a few during this time period. It will not hurt to have plenty of candy when the Johto Pokemon are added in so you will be able to evolve your Pichu.



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