E3 2016 Bethesda Press Conference

E3 2016 Bethesda Press Conference


Quake Campions


The press conference started with a trailer for Quake Champions. After that, they introduced Tim Willits, the studio director of id software. He was happy to announce the return of one of the founding competitive multiplayer titles: Quake. It was a pioneer for the e-sports competitive scene. Willits was the co-designer of the original game. Champions offers something for all levels of players. It will be offering online competitive online arena style battles. They also understand that id software is known for its graphics. It will be running at 120 hertz with unlocked frame-rates. The game will feature a number of unique characters. Each will allow you to play the way you want. The game is designed to function at any competitive level. They will have more to reveal at QuakeCon in August.


Elder Scrolls Legends


Next out to present was Pete Hines, the global Vice President of PR and Marketing for Bethesda. He recapped the successes of the titles launched last year: ESO making it to consoles, the run away success of Fallout Shelter, Fallout 4, finally Doom with its amazing release. He then started talking about The Elder Scrolls Legends Strategy Card Game. The campaign is told from the perspective of a Moth priest, Kelin. The choices will influence your deck and the story's shape. Legends will be available on PC, Mac, Andriod and iPhone later this year.


Fallout 4 Contraptions


The next expansions for Fallout 4 were revealed next with a video. First was Contraptions, add on 4. This will add in the ability to have mannequins that you can dress in your various pieces of clothing and armor that you have acquired throughout the Commonwealth. Elevators will be available for your settlements, making it easier to reach those high points in your settlements. You will be able to build tracks for your amusement and dismay of any invaders. There will be conveyor belts, sorting machines and much more. This add-on will be available a week after E3.

 Fallout 4 Vault-Tec

The next revealed add on, 5, is titled “Vault-Tec”. You will be able to build your very own custom Vault. You will need to excavate and clear caverns to build the Vault in. This will let you run experiments on the Dwellers much like Vault-Tec was doing. It has a release in July 2016.

 Fallout 4 Nuka-World

The final add on, 6, titled “Nuka World”, was simply shown. You could see the ruined amusement park sitting in the background. It prominently featured a raider character in its opening. Much of the speculation around this title places that you will be able to be more amoral in this expansion.

 Fallout Shelter Quest and PC

They also announced that Fallout Shelter was going to be getting a massive update. This will be adding in a new combat system, quests and it will be making its way to the PC. More unique characters will be coming into the game. It has a July Release date. No word on the pricing of Fallout Shelter on the PC though.


Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition

This was also coupled with the announcement of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition. This is a remastering of the insanely popular game. It will feature the option of mods on consoles, much like Fallout 4. It will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. For those who bought the Legendary Edition on Steam, they will be able to get the Special Edition for free.



After the Skyrim announcement, they brought out Raphael Colantonio from Arkane Studios. With the amazing reception of Dishonored, they started working on Dishonored 2. However, first they revealed another new IP. This game features strong psychological elements with the immersive first person experience. This is a complete reboot from the previous title. You play as the key subject of numerous tests meant to alter humanity forever. It will launch next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Doom Unto The Evil

With the well received release of Doom and the map editor tool, Snap Map. Snap Map will be receiving plenty of free updates throughout the coming year. This will add even more options for those who love creating within the world of Doom. Next month, multiplayer will be getting two new modes: a unique Doom take on a 1 flag CTF called “Exodus” and a new multi-zone capture and hold mode called “Sector”. Later this summer they will release 3 new free-for-all modes including classic Deathmatch. Next month they will also be releasing the first premium DLC pack, “Unto The Evil”. This pack will include 3 new multiplayer maps, offering Cataclysm and Ritual, a new playable demon, the Harvester, new armor sets, taunts and so much more. Doom has receive almost universe acclaim. They also made a nod to Doom's Shareware (demo) origins. This means that people will be able to try Doom for free. They will be able to download and play the first level of Doom on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. It is only good for the week of E3. ID software wants people to see just what the game has to offer.


ESO Dark Brotherhood

With that they brought out Matt Firor, game director for ESO. They celebrated with a highlight reel of the big events from the launch of the game up to the present day. The community continues to grow. On June 23rd, ESO will be launching in Japan. They then announced the launch of the Dark Brotherhood DLC will release on console. This will take you to the Gold Coast of Cyrodil. It will feature a story line very appropriate to the Assassin's guild. There will be a number of repeatable quest. They also announced One Tamriel. This will automatically level players to the appropriate point for the area. This means all barriers are gone. The entire game world is open to everyone having completed the tutorial. One Tamriel will launch this fall.


The next announcement was for Bethesda VR. They offered exploration of Doom and its hellish landscape. They also have Fallout 4 available in VR. Fallout 4 will release in 2017 on the HTC Vive platform.


Dishonored 2

The final announcement was for Dishonored 2. It offers to meet and surpass its original title. Bethesda brought out Harvey Smith to present on the game. Then they premiered some of the game play footage. This is set in Karnaka, the Jewel of the South. This area is based on the various elements that make up real world culture, people, economy to the food and songs. A completely new game engine has been built for this game. It also featured technology to have interruptible cut-scenes and audio tracks, key to this style of game. The world is very real. The history of the world itself will be visible to the player. The game starts and ends in Dunwall but most of the action will be in Karnaka.


Dishonored 2 starts with the question of what happened to Emily Caldwin. They questioned what happened to Emily through the years. Last year was the first part of that vision for Emily they showed. Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the first game. Emily Caldwin rules the Empire. Dishonored 2 will let you play as either Emily Caldwin or Corvo Atono. The game will change based on who you are playing as. Each will be fully voiced and have their own perspectives on the missions. Each of the missions will have their own unique elements. The presentation had a demonstration of a mission in the Dust District. The district itself is an industrial one that is ravaged, at random, by dust storms that rise with little to no warning. This game will feature much more vertical space usage than the first game. The mission shown will influence some of the future for Karnakas. Each of the powers will have their own skill trees for deeper customization. Dishonored 2 will have a collector's edition. It has Corvo's mask and Emily's mask. For pre-ordering the game, you can get Dishonored Definitive edition free for the present generation of consoles.

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