Comic Con 2015 – Firefly Online

Comic Con 2015 – Firefly Online


This is a a game being developed in a small studio. While we reported on it last year, it is good to be talking about this game again. It is looking better than it did last year and shaping up very nicely.


This is a game that is being developed by fans, for fans, with plenty of official support behind it. Most of the performers from the original show reprised their roles within the Firefly 'Verse. Confirmed is the entire crew of the Serenity, Niska, Badger and a number of others. Another confirmed personality with the game is Will Wheaton. Wheaton put his credibility on the line to vouch for this in-progress game.


Firefly Online is a game that is going to change how we look at MMORPGs. Not only is it going to be available on PC and mobile, the actions of each individual are going to be able to influence how the world itself is acting. The game is going to have a lot of server side loading and processing. While this may lower the total number of (Mega)servers, it does mean that the game will function on a greater number of devices. The developers were talking about how the biggest limiter to anyone's experience of the game is going to be their screen size.


There are is a lot to the UI but it offers a lot with it. It will be your main means of dealing with most of the game. It should be moderately easy to set up crews and grew your own organizations. You will be selecting and hiring crew, managing them in combat and exploring a number of planets and a variety of different systems.


One point they made very clear about this game is that it is a labor of love. The people behind it are working hard to make sure that the feel and tone are right for the world. They are talking about offering a beta experience farther down the timeline. Right now they are simply determined to make the best game for this series that they can. They want to stay true to the Firefly experience but they also want to expand on it. This is something of a bold move but considering who is working with them, it is the right move to make. A game that just retreads the show would be nice, but a game that lets us all experience the Verse as our own characters is even better.


This is going to be a massive game when it is done. They are not going to offer early access. They considered it, but felt it would ruin the experience if they released the game into the world well before it was ready for it. It does mean a long wait for us to get our hands on the game, but one that will be punctured with frequent updates so we will know what is going on. For now, Firefly Fans, keep flying.

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