Uncharted 3 All Puzzle Solutions

This guide has the solutions to all the Puzzles in uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

Chapter 6: Knight Puzzle Solution

Chapter 6: Semita Solis Puzzle Solution

Chapter 6: Wall Tiles Puzzle Solution

Chapter 9: Globe Puzzle Solution

Chapter 11: Moon Puzzle Solution

Chapter 11: Cogs Puzzle Solution

Chapter 11: Mural Puzzle Solution

Chapter 21: Mirror Pool Puzzle Solution


Knight Puzzle Answer (Chapter 6 Chateau)

Turn knights as follows to reveal secret passage:

Statue holding shield should face statue holding axe

Statue holding mace -> Statue with shield

Statue holding axe -> Statue with shield

Statue holding sword -> Satue with axe




Floor Tile Puzzle Answer (Chapter 6 Chateau) (AKA Semita Solis Puzzle) (AKA The Path of the Sun Puzzle)

Follow the red line in the map below and step on the floor tiles with the symbol in this order:



Wall Tile Puzzle Answer (Chateau Chapter 6) (Aka Gameshow Puzzle) (Aka Block Puzzle)

The Horse tile, Eagle Tile, Bull Tile and Lion Tile should be moved to the following positions:


Globe Puzzle Answer (Chapter 9 The Middle Way) (Aka Map Puzzle) (Aka Continent Puzzle) (Aka Earth Puzzle)

Spin the globe in such way that the continents match the light.



Moon Puzzle Answer (Chapter 11 As Above So Below)(Aka Temple Entrance Puzzle)

1) Find tile with moon symbol and stand on it
2) Look towards the pillar



Gears Puzzle Answer (Chapter 11: As Above, So Below)

Place the cogs in the correct order as shown below. Then spin the wheel.


Mural Puzzle Answer (Ch. 11: As Above, So Below) (Aka Light and Spear Puzzle) (Aka Torch Puzzle)

Locate slot on floor for which when you point the torch towards mural, it will create the shadow of the attacker with the spear as seen in your journal. See below for photos. Location of Slot (First picture) How Mural should look like (Second Picture)



Pool Mirror Puzzle Answer (Chapter 21 The Atlantis of the Sands) (aka Mirror Water Puzzle) (aka Reflection Puzzle)

Fill the pool with water. Follow Nate's Reflection and turn the wheel. Follow the other reflection and turn the second wheel. Pick up shining object in center of pool.


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Said this on 4-2-2012 At 05:05 pm

hi i am on the moon puuzle and cant find the moon tile i've run around in circles for ages but no matter what i do i cant find it could anyone please help me out and tell me where about's the moon tile is please?



Said this on 12-5-2012 At 05:57 am

Just Look Down. You will see some symbols on which You can stand on.Just Look for the moon on such tiles.

Said this on 4-3-2012 At 03:29 pm

hi im on the puzzle where you are trying to get the picture of the attacker up i have looked on youtube but i cant figure out where you have got to be standing and im getting the hump now to be honest i wanna get past these pointless puzzles i hate puzzles at the best of times lol


thanks for taking time to read this if anyone can help me that would be much appreciated

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