The Walking Dead Season 2 - All That Remains Review

Within five minutes, you'll know you're playing a The Walking Dead game. Telltale clearly hasn't lost their penchant for telling gritty, suspenseful, and emotional stories, and an early-game one-two punch of violent moments will undoubtedly drag you kicking and screaming back into the bleak world of Clementine and company as it did me. 

Without spoiling anything, it's safe to say that if you liked Season One of The Walking Dead, you'll enjoy Episode One of Season Two - titled 'All That Remains' - just as much. But where is the story going from here, and does Telltale have what it takes to steer it in new directions?

This image pretty much sums up All That Remains

With the landslide of praise that dropped for last year's game, it would be easy for Telltale to fall into the trap of retelling the same stories with a different cast of characters. And sure enough, several familiar elements rear their heads as the story of All That Remains progresses. You'll fall in with a new group who is anything but trusting at first, and either win them over or lose them one by one. One character in particular is mean and curmudgeony, but others will warm up to you faster.

There are even a few not-so-subtle echoes of the ending of Season One's first episode in the final moments of All That Remains. It's an ending that felt a little sudden and unjustified to me. Without getting into spoiler territory, it didn't feel like I had quite enough information to make a critical decision in a timed moment.

Still, despite a few familiar elements, it seems like Telltale is intent on adding new wrinkles to the plot. A returning character is teased in the first episode's end credits, and another child character is introduced with a few mysterious wrinkles. The biggest difference of all comes in controlling Clementine, though. With the events of Season One as reference, it's satisfying to be able to make little decisions pertaining to who Clementine has become as a person. She can be pretty wily, given the proper dialogue choices.

All That Remains is a gripping and violent start to a season that can only get more shocking from here. All things considered, it's more even-keeled than Season One's first episode, and better written, too. With this solid a framework, Season Two of The Walking Dead has a thrilling amount of potential. I just hope that Telltale doesn't feel constricted by the first season's success, and is able to expand upon certain elements that feel at first blush just a little too familiar. 


Score: 8.5/10

This game was reviewed for PC

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