There's A Hidden Message On The Back Of The GTA 5 Map

"The blueprint map in the other [standard] editions does contain plenty of additional information and secrets on it." That's Rockstar teasing some type of hidden secret in the GTA 5 map, a secret which users found almost immediately upon the game's launch late last night. If you shine a blacklight on the back of the map, a hidden message reveals itself.

The hidden message on the back of the GTA 5 map reads:

"T.P.E - Trevor Philips Enterprises. Weaponry, narcotics, intimidation and casual wear.

Lago Zancudo

Great Ocean Highway North

Through North Chumash

0.5 miles past Raton Canyon

< -- when guard rail ends

follow the dirt road

down the docks

Bring $500,000 cash


Clearly these are instructions that the player is meant to follow somehow. You'll need to bag 500 large and bring them along for the ride, although what exactly you'll get at the end is still up in the air. Whatever it is, fans will likely find out very soon, so stay tuned.

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