GTA 5 Will Include 15 Breeds Of Dog

French publication Jeux Actu revealed in a preview of Grand Theft Auto 5 that the hotly anticipated open world crime game will feature a whopping 15 different breeds of dog. What, exactly, those breeds will be is unconfirmed as of now, although the official artwork for the game clearly reveals a rottweiler as one of them. That angry dog featured in some of the game's artwork has been confirmed as belonging to Lamar, the crime lord wananbe from the projects of LA. 

Rockstar revealed that the dog can be used in combat to distract enemies, opening them up for deadly sneak attacks.

Canine customization will also feature into the game. Players will be able to deck out their dog with accessories such as new collars and bandanas. Players can actually lose their dog if they don't take good enough care of it, though, so they'll have to be careful to tend to the pet's needs lest it go running off somewhere in LA, or possibly even turn against them.

...Wait a minute. Is this just Grand Theft Auto 5's version of the friend phone calls? I don't want my Shih Tzu begging me to take it to a tittie bar every five minutes.

Anyways, stay tuned for more GTA 5 stuff. 

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