Tera Online Tips and Hints


Move your character with the WASD keys. Talk to NPCs with the F key.



Press N to show and hide the Mini Map. You can use it to locate NPCs, party members, and objectives.


User Interface

Toggle between UI and Combat mode by using the ALT key or the ESC key.



The Compass in the upper right corner marks the location of many things, like nearby quest-givers


Quest Difficulty

The quest name's color and level number indicate its difficulty.


Chain Skill

Some skills chain to others. When they appear on your UI, press the Space Bar to activate them.


Location Links

Clicking on a blue name in the Quest Log highlights that monster or NPC on your map


Inventory Space

For a price, an inventory manager can expand your inventory.


Guild Creation

You can create a guild through the guild managers in the major cities.


During Fights

If a monster's eyes turn red, it is about to unleash a powerful attack.



Enhancement Crystals can increase your abilities.



Crafting workshops in major cities teach you to craft equipment from gathered materials. First, buy crafting recipes and necessary reagents from merchants at the workshop. Interact with work benches in the workshop or campfires to bring up the crafting window.



Most equipment can be broken down (extracted)into useful crafting materials. Extraction recipes can be purchased at any general goods shop. Your extraction skill must be as high as the equipment tier you're trying to extract.



Brokers in major cities or villages help you sell or buy items from the other players. When buying, you can choose to bargain with the seller or buy the item outright. Payments are settled and purchased items collected through the sold and bought tabs.



Form parties quickly by using the LFG function on the social menu. Or join a party in progress. Select party members from the LFG applicants in the Social Menu.

Party Monsters

Very tough monsters with skull icons in front of their names usually require a party to kill.



You can purchase glyphs from your class glyphmasters. Using the Glyphs tab of your skills menu, you can activate as many glyphs as your points allow. You can reset your glyph points by paying a fee to the glyphmasters.



Medals are awarded for repeating quests and guild quests. Exchange medals for equipment at the medal shops in major cities.



Attuned equipment can be enchanted through the Attributes - Enchant menu.


Warrior's Edge

Some warrior skills increase their edge against opponents. The edge count is not displayed if an edge skill is not used. When a warrior has an edge, a gauge is displayed below the enemy's HP. The edge is reset if the warrior doesn't continue to apply it. When the edge gauge changes color and an icon displays above the enemy, the edge can be exploited. An exploited edge does more damage. The greater the edge, the greated the damage.


Party Gathering

Party members can multiply gains by gathering at the same time from one resource. The highest-skilled character determines the group's success in gathering.


Reputation/Daily Quests

Earn reputation at level 58 through quests from various factions. Profile > Reputation shows your progress. Faction NPCs unlock daily quests that award reputation and credits. Daily quests can't be repeated that day.


Getting Around

Teleport masters in towns can teleport you back to outlying areas you have visited.



Nexuses appear at set intervals in Khanovar Front, Argonea and Granarkus. When a nexus appears, the world map and mini-map display its locations. A nexus causes all existing monsters to vanish and eerie ones to emerge. All the new monsters, no matter how difficult, must be killed to close the Nexus. The agnitors, at Zulfikar Fortress, offer daily nexus quests which will earn you Agnitor reputation and credits.


Chat Commands

/Say /s: Chat to nearby players

/Area /a: Chat in the Area Channel

/Trade /t: Chat in the Trade Channel

/Party /p: Chat to your party

/Whisper /w (name): Whisper privately.

/Invite (name): Invite to your party

/drio: Drop from your party

/kick (name): Kick from your party

/disband: Kick everyone from the party

/leader (name): Make someone the party leader

/lfg /u: Post looking for Group Message.

/guildlist: View the guild list

/ginvite (name): invite to the guild

/gquit: Leave the guild

/friendlist: View the friend list

/friend (name): Add as a friend

/block (name): Block

/unblock (name): Unblock

/duel (name): Duel

/yield: Concede the duel

/make [channel][nnnn]: Create a private chat channe. Up to 8 letters witha 4 digit numerical password.

/chat [channel][nnnn]: Join the [channel] private chat

/leave [channel] Leave the named channel

/1: Chat in your first private chat channel.

/follow (name): Follow

/roll (x): Roll a random number from 1-x

/reset: Reset all instance dungeons

Ctrl+z: Hide/show all game UI


Emotes (prefix with "/")

hi hello wave bow greet formal happy laugh lol sad cry sob win cheer victory dance taunt bringit common clap applaud beg sorry think ponder hmm love charge attack point there shy blush mad angry anger sit

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