Mass Effect 3: Reckoning Detailed, Trailer Released

Last week we reported on two new Mass Effect 3 DLC expansions, which were to be the game's last. One expansion, dubbed 'Reckoning,' was set to expand the game's multiplayer suite, and would be available for free. The second expansion, 'Citadel,' would expand upon the game's story and bring old favorites back into the fold. While we printed some rudimentary details on both expansions, the former has since been blown out by BioWare and given a trailer. Check the trailer below, and read on for a list of complete features in Reckoning.

New Characters:

  • Geth Juggernaut: A massive Geth unit which cannot roll or take cover, but also cannot be Staggered. It comes with the Assault Pulse, Hex Shield and Geth Turret powers.
  • Turian Cabal Vanguard: A female Turian biotic with the Poison Strike, Nightshade Blades, and Biotic Focus abilties. Dodge is replaced with a Biotic teleport.
  • Alliance Infiltration Unit: A cyborg reminiscent of EDI from the story. Her melee attack is a powerful uppercut, and her powers include Tactical Cloak, Snap Freeze, and Repair Matrix.
  • Krogan Warlord Sentinel: The much-hyped warlord brings a warhammer into battle, but cannot take cover or dodge like the Geth. He has the Tech Armor, Biotic Hammer, and Electric Hammer abilties.
  • Talon Mercenary Engineer: A human mercenary who uses a bow. He uses Trip Mines, Armor-Piercing Arrows and Concussive Arrows.
  • Awakened Collector Adept: This Collector character uses the Dark Sphere, Seeker Swarm and Dark Channel powers.

New Weapons:

  • Geth Spitfire Assault Rifle: A portable Geth Gattling gun
  • Venom Shotgun: Explosive round firing shotgun. Charge to have rounds fragment into more explosives
  • Lancer Assault Rifle: A new type of assault rifle, relatively standard
  • Blood Pack Executioner Pistol: A powerful magnum with one shot per clip
  • Chakram Launcher Assault Rifle: Fires explosive disks with precision
  • Blood Pack Punisher SMG: A heavy submachine gun effective against armored enemies
  • Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle: An electric rifle which fires shock rounds

New Equipment:

  • Geth Scanner
  • Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials
  • Pistol Power Amplifier
  • SMG Power Amplifier
  • Shotgun Ultralight Materials
  • Batarian Gauntlet

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