Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Outed Before Official Activision Reveal

Well, it's gone and happened again. Activision had a big blowout planned for their newest Call of Duty game, rumored to be Black Ops 2, during the NBA playoffs on TNT. The reveal was set for just days from now, on May 1st. Apparently, that was just too long for someone to wait, because the game's existance has been leaked online as of today. A gamer snapped the below picture in a Target store, all but confirming the truth behind the rampant rumors.

The image, first posted over at IGN, depicts the pre-order cards for the game. Target, and many other stores, will likely be displaying these cards prominently over the next few weeks after Activision's official reveal. The publishing giant hasn't commented on the story yet, but it seems as if there's really nothing more to say. Black Ops 2 is all but official at this point. Still, be sure to stay tuned to GameShampoo for coverage of Activision's official reveal of the game later this week. Who knows, there could still be surprises in store.

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