First Deadlight Developer Diary Explains 80s Setting

Ah, the 80s. A time of obnoxiously bright clothing, heavily encumbering hairstyles, bad action movies, and ravenous zombie hordes feasting upon the flesh of the innocent. Yes, it was a simpler time. 

And a better time, if Deadlight developers Tequila Works have anything to say about it. Their clear love of the decade shines through in the below video, the first in a series of developer diaries promoting the Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive survival horror platformer. They have even gone so far as to cast memebers of their development team in fake rock bands and comic books and scattered them about the game as collectibles. Now that's dedication.

Check out the Deadlight trailer below, and look forward to more information as the game nears its still-nebulous release date. Could it perhaps release this summer, as the figurehead of some sort of seasonal independent gaming promotion sponsored by Microsoft? But now we're just talking crazy. Microsoft hates those promotion things

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