Borderlands 2 Mod Disables Cel Shading, Makes Graphics More Realistic

Borderlands 2 is a distinctive game for many reasons, among them its humor and its melding of role-playing and shooter gameplay. But it is easily the game's visuals, a last-minute switcheroo on the last project and a full blown cel shaded style of its own in the second, that makes the game pop to millions of gamers everywhere. But have you ever wondered what Borderlands 2 would look like without the cel shading?

Well wonder no more, as Steam user Melchio has devised a mod which removes the game's signature style and instead replaces it with a more realistic look. Well, maybe "realistic" in this case would be a stretch, since the game's unique art style still shines through. In fact, it almost reminds us of a more stylized Darksiders, and creates a really unique look that isn't seen in other games. 


The game's lighting also takes a dramatic shift from the mod, draping everything in a much more sinister glow.

To implement this simple tweak for yourself, follow these steps:

  • Head to Documents > My Games > Borderlands2 > WillowGame > Config > WillowEngine
  • Press CTRL + F and find the string of code beginning "WillowScenePostProcess"
  • Replace with the following: "CinematicScenePostProcess"
  • Save and exit code

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