Star Wars: The Old Republic To Offer Same-Sex Relationships In New Expansion

A same-sex relationship option is coming to BioWare's The Old Republic in Spring. Executive producer Jeff Hickman revealed as much during his latest Stame of the Game report, stating that players will be able to romance NPCs on Makeb come the "Rise of the Hutt Cartel" expansion. More romancing options should be added "in the future."

Also coming along with the expansion are new gameplay systems and mechanics, five new levels, a new planet that comes complete with several new storylines, new skills for players to learn and new abilities for characters to use. 

Ever since going free to play late last year, the game's numbers have reportedly increased. This will herald changes to "a special PvP area," which has yet to be named or detailed, but which is slated to recieve a few upgrades over the coming months. 

Finally, new endgame content will be coming to the title, although the likes of this content have yet to be specified. 

What do you think of the updates coming to The Old Republic with version 1.7? Will your character make use of the new same-sex relationships, or are you more excited for the new planet and skills? 

"Rise of the Hutt Cartel" is currently slated for release in March.

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