Gearbox Wanted Cross-Platform Play For Borderlands 2

Twitter Borderlands 2 Cross Platform Play

According to the Examiner and based on the above twitter feed, Gearbox President Randy Pitchford wanted cross-platform play for Borderlands 2. If this fantasy became a reality, the artificial barriers between players on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC would be removed, effectively allowing any player on any console to play with any other player on any other console. This would not only make it easier for gamers to play with friends; it would also mean that gamers could find online partners faster, and that in the game's future, when not as many people are playing, finding a partner would be a less painful process.

So why didn't this dream of cross-platform functionality become a reality? Simple, really. Sony and Microsoft just didn't approve of the idea. Neither liked the idea that users wouldn't have to purchase one of their own consoles to play with other friends on the same console were this cross-platform idea to come to fruition.

It doesn't seem like that's hurt Borderlands 2 in any way, though; the game has moved over 5 million copies since its September launch, and is currently enjoying a renaissance due to the new Captain Scarlett DLC.

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