Your first console?

Discussion in 'Classic Consoles' started by MartinGamer, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. MartinGamer Member

    what was the first console you ever played on?

    for me it was the SNES
  2. zidarose Member

    the NES was my first. I just died the first time I played Dragon Warrior because I didn't understand how to control my party. Mario at least helped save me from shunning video games forever.
  3. whiterabbit Member

    I got my real start with the sega master system. Phantasy Star man. Big game I was surprised at what I got out of that little ol' console.
  4. robinmunch Member

    Sega Genesis for me. I only later got an NES and SNES. Once I could work, I got myself more and more consoles. Pawn Shops became my best friend.

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