Witch Doctor and Weapons (Diablo 3)

Discussion in 'Diablo III' started by RogueRR, May 23, 2012.

  1. RogueRR Member

    When I equip my witch doctor with a weapon, he doesn't actually swing the weapon

    he uses abilities (I don't think I have a single weapon attack)

    My question is: if the weapon has special abilities like +1 exp for every monster slain etc, does the witch doctor benefit from it in any way?
  2. PlayaX Member

    yeah weapon stats benefit the witch doctor

    in addition to having a better weapon making your abilities do more damage (since they are based on weapons damage), you also gain the other bonuses - so like if the weapon has the experience bonus you mentioned, you will get +1 xp for every monster killed while you are wielding that weapon, even if you are not using the weapon directly

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