Will the Account Be Banned if Buy Diablo 3 Gold from Websites

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    Experts from diablo3goldteam.com said that face to face transaction is the safest way to deliver the Diablo 3 gold to customers. Blizzard can not track the trade process of face to face transaction in the game, but why there are still many Diablo 3 account banned because of buying Diablo 3 gold online? There are some reasons can explain why this would happen:

    First, They Diablo 3 gold that they bought online is hacked from other Diablo 3 account. Second, they didn’t choose the safe place to trade Diablo 3 gold. Third, they bought too much amount of Diablo 3 gold that attracted Blizzard’s attention. Though, face to face trading is safe for account, players still needed to keep three tips in mind to avoid getting banned.

    Pay attention to the website you choose to buy Diablo 3 gold from. There are many sites which just use cheating ways, and your account will get banned easily. Some sites may even don’t have the policy to refund you. Others may take your money but do not deliver Diablo 3 gold. It’s unlucky if you choose these scam sites. So you should spend some time to find out a good place to spend your money.

    Pay attention to the amount of Diablo 3 gold you purchase. Large gold trades, like 100k, have an increased chance to get flagged and result in a ban. You should try to take delivery of large amounts in smaller increments to avoid this.

    Don’t trust cheapest Diablo 3 gold from in game players. In order to attract buyers, some small or unreliable sellers will offer you with a very low price for their services. You may ask how they earn money with such low price, the reason is the Diablo 3 gold you buy is stolen from others and they know your account will get banned. So it’s not wise to always go with the cheapest seller if you are unsure of their reputation.

    If some Diablo 3 game player yelling to you that they have some cheap Diablo 3 gold, you should be more careful with him, maybe this Diablo gold is not safe, you know that in recently days, Diablo 3 is full of hacks and scams, if you really lack of Diablo 3 gold you can choose those one which has good site reputation to buy Diablo 3 gold form Diablo3goldteam.com!

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