What is the death penalty in Tera Online?

Discussion in 'Tera Online' started by QuestBeater, May 7, 2012.

  1. QuestBeater Member

    anyone know what the death penalty is in Tera?
  2. MartinGamer Member

    your crystals have a chance of breaking and you lose about 40 stamina
  3. QuestBeater Member

    what does low stamina affect?
  4. MartinGamer Member

    if your stamina is high (above 60) you get a health bonus, if it's between 30 and 60 you have regular health/MP. If it's below 30, you're weakened. So the death penalty basically requires you to sit by the campfire for a few minutes to regain stamina, or you'll be weakened
  5. There are so many effect of low stamina. It has been stated lots of places that besides impairment of stamina, we have exchange to break the allurement Crystals Socketed in our weapon or chest piece.
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