Tera - Anyone at high enough lvl to know what grind is like?

Discussion in 'Tera Online' started by dragonslayer, May 4, 2012.

  1. dragonslayer Member

    how is grinding in tera at high levels? is it bearable?
  2. QuestBeater Member

    I got a zerker at 30 but I don' think that counts
  3. PlayaX Member

    I"ve only gotten one toon to 20
  4. Seth Member

    I'm more worried about the midgame area - That's where MMO's usually fall flat and lose me cause the midgame has nothing exciting
  5. RogueRR Member

    What was it like getting to 30?
  6. MartinGamer Member

    I find the game funner in lvl 30s than beginning
  7. kodoko Member

    The jump from like 12-20 seemed really fast, slowed down a bit after 20 but you change zones enough & quests enough that it didnt bother me at all
  8. MartinGamer Member

    yeah 11-20 went quick for me too

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