How do I reach Planet Benning? Mass Effect 3

Discussion in 'Mass Effect 3' started by RogueRR, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. RogueRR Member

    I'm supposed to go to Benning for some side missions on ME3

    but I cannot find where it is lol

    can anyone give me directions?
  2. kodoko Member

    In Milky way
    Southeast of Serpent Nebula (The system where Citadel is)
    go to Arcturus stream
    then to Euler system
    then orbit planet Benning

    see also the video on youtube:
  3. I haven't played so I don't remember clearly, but if I am not wrong then planet benning can be reached from milky way of serpent nebula and after that you will start getting notification ways and remember planet benning begins after euler system.

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