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Discussion in 'Diablo III' started by domenos, May 17, 2012.

  1. domenos New Member

    i would like to know, does this game have an ending?

    by that i mean, after you beat the last boss, the game ends and there is nothing more you can do?
    or is it like some sort of MMO, where for example you can keep doing the bosses till you get the best loot, and you can lvl up but lvling up is hard, like you need to keep doing dungeons to earn more and more exp, and is there some sort of PVP.

    is the drop rate of items really hard, like 0.01% to get some sort of item or even harder? or is it easy drop rates?

    thanks in advance ^^
  2. PlayaX Member

    there are four levels in the game: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno. When you beat the game on the easiest level, you can now play it again but on a harder level.

    Regarding drop rates for rare items, drop rates for the yellow ones (rare) are pretty low but its not that hard to get because you kill so many monsters so you will be sure to find some good items
  3. domenos New Member

    hmm, so there isnt any pvp in it, lvling is easy, and after you beat the boss there is nothing else to do, so that means buying/selling items in the market is only to speed up the finishing of the game "by getting better items"

    there isnt any compatition as why would someone want to get the best gear in the game, because there is no pvp right?

    damn :( i thought it would be some what close to an MMO, where you can keep making you characte rbetter and better and fight vs people or something :(

    anyway thanks for the reply ^^
  4. RogueRR Member

    there is going to be a PvP arena

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