Diablo 3 what is elective mode?

Discussion in 'Diablo III' started by QuestBeater, May 28, 2012.

  1. QuestBeater Member

    whats "Elective Mode" do in Diablo III?
  2. PlayaX Member

    By default, your action bar has one of each type of skills, for example one slot is for primary, one slot for secondary, another for Defensive and another for magic, etc

    By turning on Elective mode, you can assign any combination of skills to your action bar. So for example you can choose to have only primary skills. or have two primary, and two secondary. etc.
  3. MartinGamer Member

    you enable it under game menu -> options -> gameplay
  4. dragonslayer Member

    hmmm interesting didnt know about this lol and I'm almost through Normal

    This is a lot better than the slot presets
  5. Alex New Member

    It's basically "Unlock Actionbars" in WoW.
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  6. Elective mode is an option in the game that allow the gamer to put more than one skill from the similar category. These category distributed in class. Keep Elective Mode off will boundary your skill preference combinations.

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