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  From the Pit 10 Shimmersand The colossal Valificur, the Horn of Fire, is assaulting Shimmersand! The colossal Valificur, the Horn of Fire, is assaulting Shimmersand! Hold the Wardstones against the assault and smother the fire demon! The Ascended are successful!     False     Always            
  From the Tip of Its Tongue 24 Gloamwood Deliver the Slime Covered Tongue to Wrangler Dein in Gloamwood Pines. The meaty tongue you tore from Sloptongue reeks of slime and rot. Who could possibly want such a thing? How did you manage to find Sloptongue in those foul waters? For years, I've hunted him, and for years, he's eluded me - but no more! Tonight, I dine on this fine shambler tongue. Thank you for bringing this to me, [%class].   Deliver the Slime Covered Tongue to Wrangler Dein in Gloamwood Pines False   Wrangler Dein Never 857 2610 Deliver Guardian    
  Frostbitten Spirits 10 Iron Pine Peak The colossal Crypt Mage, Aristult, is summoning hordes of crypt spawn to invade Iron Pine Peak! The colossal Crypt Mage, Aristult, is summoning hordes of crypt spawn to invade Iron Pine Peak! The Ascended must put an end this dark threat! The Ascended have prevailed!     False     Always            
  Frozen Gauntlet 50 Iron Pine Peak Sentinel Tatiana asks that you use Thedeor's Shrines within the Frozen Gauntlet. Start by using the Watcher's Horn at the Champion's Spire near Whitefall. In times past, fabled heroes of the Icewatch would test their skills in the Frozen Gauntlet. There have been none in our order who have been able to complete it within this age, but perhaps you would stand a chance, if you are feeling brave enough. You have won honor for yourself and the Icewatch, [%NAME]. The Frozen Gauntlet was designed to test heroes of the Icewatch and allow them to pledge honor to Thedeor. Yet, in the past hundred years, there are none who have survived its trials. Now the Frozen Gauntlet waits for a hero skilled enough to reach the end and bring honor to our order once more. Return to Sentinel Tatiana in Whitefall True   Sentinel Tatiana Daily 4200 6600 Daily      
  Frozen Produce 42 Iron Pine Peak Kevar Wikalev asks that you collect Ice Blossoms from Frozen Valley. Afterwards, deliver them to Thall Heleman in Whitefall. Have you heard of the Ice Blossoms that grow in these mountains, [%NAME]? This herb is a staple of our wellbeing, and with our caravans falling to avalanches or bandit attacks, Whitefall is in desperate need of a resupply. You delivered the answer to my prayers, [%class]. With these, I'll be able to produce more salve to treat victims of frostbite. The Ice Blossom is an herb that grows among the roots of the Iron Pine trees. We use it for all manner of remedies as it warms the blood, though it has been difficult to gather lately since the wilds seem bent on our destruction. Bring the Ice Blossoms to Thall Heleman in Whitefall True Kevar Wikalev Thall Heleman Never 2294 4230 Collect      
  Fuel for the Fire 6 Freemarch Dale Firmson would like you to collect Shadow Core Remnants from the cultists and bomani in Regent's Cove. Many of the Endless Court cultists and bomani carry Shadow Core Remnants. I believe these objects were used to power their portals to the Death Plane, but there is probably enough energy left in them to be useful to us. Excellent - the Shadow Core Remnants you've recovered will do quite nicely. Let me see what I can do to re-forge and stabilize them. Those Shadow Core Remnants could be valuable to the research we are doing here at the Ark. Bring the Shadow Core Remnants to Dale Firmson in Ark of the Ascended True Dale Firmson Dale Firmson Never 101 990 Collect      
  Fully Armed and Operational 5 Terminus Find the Automata Inflector for the cannon in Castrum Hiberna. Once located, fix any damages, activate the Automata Inflector, and then return to Raj Tahleed at Tempest Station. This cannon was ready to protect Orphiel's Failsafe at any cost, but something's gone wrong. I fear the rift forces tearing apart the land may have damaged the Automata Inflector in town. Our technicians haven't been able to get to the Automata Inflector, but you should be capable of fighting your way in. I need you to go in there, fix any damages, and reboot the system. Once the cannon is back online, we'll be better prepared to guard your escape, but we must hurry before Regulos appears. Excellent, you did it! We'll begin preparations immediately to fire the cannon. No minion of Regulos will get near the Failsafe on our watch. Defiant, you must hurry and restore Automata Inflector of this cannon. If we lose Orphiel's Failsafe before sending you back, then all hope is lost. Return to Raj Tahleed at Tempest Station True Raj Tahleed Raj Tahleed Never 79 900 Usable Defiant    
  Functionally Illiterate 20 Stonefield Violet Harwood in Quarrystone Basin wants you to inspect the Troll Glyph in Temblor Hills, west of her camp. Inspection of the troll brains suggests two things. One: they are too small to support language. And two: the trolls have some telepathic ability. Perform an experiment of your own. Examine the troll glyph west of here to see if there's anything you can learn. It sounds like I wasn't wrong about the telepathy. You received a mental message, only your brain isn't tuned to receive it. I wonder who really made the troll glyphs, and what are they communicating? Examine the troll glyph west of here and let me know what you discover. Return to Violet Harwood in Quarrystone Basin True Violet Harwood Violet Harwood Never 630 2250 Usable      
  Funeral Pyre 26 Stonefield Dacia Ultan would like you to light The Great Pyre and slay Mandrus Ironfist when he arrives. The Great Pyre is located in Towering Steppes, west of Camp Fergos. In Towering Steppes, far to the west, I saw a great fire. I drew close and espied Mandrus Ironfist, a chieftain of the hill giants, cooking the corpses of his enemies. He would make a worthy foe for you to prove yourself against. Mandrus was a mighty warrior. I'm impressed by your strength and the speed in which you carry out your kills. I have no further trials for you, for the moment, though we will meet again. Destroy Mandrus Ironfist, and honor your tribe. Return to Dacia Ultan near Camp Fergos True Dacia Ultan Dacia Ultan Never 1311 3720 Usable      
  Further Exploration 11 Silverwood Furias Tolwin has sent you to speak with his friend, Isilwyn Alrai, at Silver Landing, located east of the Sunken Marsh. Along the way, slay any Aelfwar Scouts you encounter. Isilwyn Alrai, a former member of the high elf ruling council, is investigating Aelfwar activity at Silver Landing. You should go talk to him. I know he'd be extremely grateful if you could clear out some of the Aelfwar Scouts along the way. It is good that my old friend Furias had the foresight to send you to me. It is clear there are forces unsettling the woods and I need your help to unravel it all. Go east to Silver Landing and talk to Isilwyn Alrai. Along the way you should kill some of the Aelfwar Scouts that patrol the Silver Coast. Find Isilwyn Alrai at Silver Landing False Furias Talwin Isilwyn Alrai Never 162 960 Talk      
  Gale Force Winds 50 Iron Pine Peak Defender Barris wants you to obtain a Portal Keystone from a Frostgale cultist, go through the portal in the cultist camp, and kill a Frostgale Thundergust. The Frostgale cultists seem to be drawing their power from Frostgale Thundergusts. If you can obtain a Portal Keystone, use it to pass through their portal, and kill a Frostgale Thundergust, their power will be greatly diminished, keeping us safe for a time. Fantastic work, [%NAME]! This is just the kind of strategic strike we needed against the Frostgale! Thank you kindly. If you can find a Frostgale cultist in Steampike Pit, they're sure to have a Portal Keystone. Once you've got the Keystone, go through the portal. You will find a Frostgale Thundergust there. Return to Defender Barris in The Chancel of Labors True Defender Barris Defender Barris Daily 3150 4950 Daily      
  Galenir's Last Act 47 Stillmoor Find and kill Galenir, the leader of the Aelfwar invasion of Stillmoor. Galenir can be found in Edgewood, south of Trial of the Sentinel. Burdock says the Attunement Stones are linked to Galenir's soul. He's using his own force of will to help the werewolves control their lycanthropy. If Ellen Frell dies, the Aelfwar will be too focused on reigning in their inner beasts to pose a danger to us. You've done it! By all accounts, Galenir was a superb warrior, and his strength of spirit must have been great indeed to overcome the madness of lycanthropy. Yet one by one, the heroes of the Bloodstorm will be overthrown by the heroes of the Vigil. To defeat the Aelfwar, Galenir must die. Return to Jane Pierce in Trial of the Sentinel True Jane Pierce Jane Pierce Never 3751 6240 Kill Guardian    
  Galenir's Last Answer 47 Stillmoor Find and kill Galenir, the leader of the Aelfwar invasion of Stillmoor. Galenir can be found in Edgewood, north of Wolfsbane. Gharro says the Attunement Stones are directly linked to Galenir's soul. He's using his own force of will to help the werewolves control their lycanthropy. If Galenir dies, the Aelfwar will be too focused on reigning in their inner beasts to pose a danger to the Defiant. After you left, I feared the wolves were gathering. We heard a great chorus of howls across Stillmoor as Galenir's Soothing Stone lost control of his cursed brethren. Congratulations, [%Name], you will be known in both Defiant and Aelfwar legend for besting one of their greatest generals. Can I help you? Return to Gharro Rezuli in Wolfsbane True Robyn Stormgrave Gharro Rezuli Never 3751 6240 Kill Defiant    
  Gateway to the Warrens 42 Droughtlands Suraph the Pyremage has asked you to find the entrance to the ant colony in Mordant Warrens, west of Fallback Though we originally came to make a treaty with the Trumasi cyclops of Splitmouth Ponds, we've discovered something of even greater interest. There is an artifact from the Plane of Earth somewhere within the ant colony of Mordant Warrens. We just need to find an entrance. Ants are susceptible to Earth magic, so it's likely the artifact from the Earth Plane is responsible for their unusual size. Now that you've found the entrance to their den, it should be easier to destroy those overgrown insects. Look for an entrance to the giant ant colony to west of here, among the Eth ruins. Return to Suraph the Pyremage at Fallback True Suraph the Pyremage Suraph the Pyremage Never 1529 2820 Discover      
  Gathering of Souls 15 Freemarch Defend Freemarch from assault by gathering spirits! The forces of Grimnir, disciple of the death dragon Regulos, have begun a major offensive into Defiant territory. Only action by the Ascended can stop them! The Defiants are victorious!     False     Always            
  Gathering Power 2 Terminus Collect Sourcestone Ore and then take it on to Kain Sunsworn in Lastlight. When this location was attacked, our soldiers bled out their lives and our machines bled out their sourcestone. So now the harvesters are collecting it to make Regulos the Destroyer even more powerful. We need it back. Remove the sourcestone from their hands and bring it to Kain Sunsworn in Lastlight so that we can put it to good use destroying him. Excellent. We are going to need this sourcestone to power up the Failsafe device. I'm glad it is out of Regulos's hands and into ours. Welcome to Lastlight, [%NAME]. I heard something about a collection of sourcestone you were supposed to be bringing me. Where is it? Speak to Kain Sunsworn in Lastlight True Vexa Ix'thla Kain Sunsworn Never 17 420 Collect Defiant Warrior  
  Gathering Strength 6 Mathosia Cyril Kalmar wants you to use Cyril's Bridle to cleanse and mount a Shadetouched Horse in Thedeor Fields, then return the horse to the stable at Valor Hold. I've never seen anyone so illuminated by the Vigil's grace, [%NAME]. It is a good thing, too, for the final fight against Aedraxis will soon be upon us. Before that time, we will need steeds to bear us across the battlefield. Break through the undead ranks once more and use my bridle to bring back one of our fallen mounts. One horse is a small weapon, but so is one sword. Wielded by an Ascended like you, our enemies will shriek in agony as they are trampled like twigs. Aedraxis took much from us when he loosed Regulos upon the world. Our lands, our people, and our hope - all gone. Now we will return the favor. It is time to slay the tyrant. Though almost all life on the battlefield was destroyed when the death rift breached the Ward, some of our horses survived. Though they are tainted by the touch of Regulos, you can use my bridle to cleanse them, mount them, and then return them to the stable here in Valor Hold. Return to Cyril Kalmar True Cyril Kalmar Cyril Kalmar Never 101 990        
  Gave As Good As Got 40 Moonshade Highlands Captain Haghen wants you to deliver the Runeguard Hammer to General Stanig in the Grey Gardens. It's fitting Tidelord Brenin fell into the same trap as the dwarven runebinders - possessed by forces he couldn't control. Now that Brenin and Estrode have combined, we need General Stanig more than ever. Perhaps he can give the Runeguard Hammer the power to defeat Brenin. It's good to see you again, [%NAME]. Hmm, this hammer cannot be made stronger, I'm afraid. What you truly need now is some good old fashioned allies.   Take the Runeguard Hammer to General Stanig in the Grey Gardens True Captain Haghen General Stanig Never 840 1350        
  Get Thee Gone 29 Scarlet Gorge Anla Helmfast in Granitedust Gulch has given you Binding Chalk to banish the Fireborn Imps that plague Rock Ridge to the southeast. Return to Anla if you need more Chalk. I think I might have a way to help save the people of Rock Ridge. This Binding Chalk should be strong enough to send the Fireborn Imps straight back to the Plane of Fire. I'm glad to hear the Binding Chalk worked. I only wish there was more I could do. I just wish I had something more powerful than the chalk to deal with the stronger demons. Return to Anla Helmfast in Granitedust Gulch True Anla Helmfast Anla Helmfast Never 1188 3060 Collect Guardian    
  Getting A Feel For Steel 20 Sanctum Walt Makee wants you to bring him Iron Bars and Chromite Bars. If you want to learn to make steel, there's no better way than rolling up your sleeves and making some yourself. Unfortunately, I'm out of iron and chromite due to the demand from all those adventuring types gearing up to tackle the riftspawn, but an enterprising young miner like yourself should have little trouble procuring what we need. Excellent, those are some fine-looking bars! I'm sure the resulting steel will make great weapons and armor. I still haven't received the next metal shipment, so you're still going to have to bring your own. Return to Walt Makee in Sanctum. False Walt Makee Walt Makee Never 630 2250 Collect      
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