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  Despondent Spectres 36 Moonshade Highlands Talvar Methyn has asked you to lay to rest the Moonshade Spectres at Sundered Path, west of Three Springs. The Azure Blade are doing more than just stealing our history, they are disturbing our dead. Countless Moonshade citizens died when the Ward was sundered. Now their spirits wander Sundered Path once more, stirred up by the recent Azure Blade activity. Those souls must be returned to rest. The Azure Blade are causing more damage than they know. Not that they care. That could not have been a pleasant job, [%NAME]. I appreciate you taking the initiative. There is no reason for those souls to be trapped here any longer, [%NAME]. Return to Talvar Methyn at Three Springs True Talvar Methyn Talvar Methyn Never 1739 3690        
  Destructive Knowledge 1 Guild Quest Your guild has been asked to defend the Codex and the Black Garden for the forces of the Guardians. The Defiant hunger for power is all consuming, and when they bring about their own destruction, we must be certain they do not bring the world with them. They must not take the articles of power from the Black Garden and the Codex. [%GUILD_NAME] must head to the front and be certain they do not triumph. By stopping the Defiants from taking these relics, [%GUILD_NAME] has done a great deal to protect Telara and serve the Vigil. The relics at the Black Garden and the Codex need to be protected from the Defiants. Return to Cardinal Radkevyev in Sanctum False   Cardinal Radkevyev Weekly 12 540       4
  Diabolic Mutation 50 Iron Pine Peak Doctor Senson would like you to collect Mutated Tissue Samples from the Snowbeasts in Steampike Pit. Welcome, [%NAME]. These Snowbeasts are the newest breed of monsters plaguing this land. The Abyssal's penchant for dark arts has opened a door that I fear may never be shut. In hopes of rebuffing this infestation, I need you to gather samples of their flesh for my research. Incredible, [%NAME]! These samples are in excellent condition. I'll have to act fast before they decay, this diabolic mutation causes the samples to be very unstable. Wait, this couldn't be the sample I need. I know that with all the madness in our world, the spread of this plague may not seem that important to you, but left unchecked, it could be the end of Iron Pine. Speak with Doctor Senson in The Chancel of Labors True Doctor Senson Doctor Senson Daily 3150 4950 Collect      
  Diary of a Hag 25 Gloamwood Travel southwest from Tearfall Run to Deepwood Cottage and steal the Hag's Diary from the basement of the cottage. Afterwards, deliver it to Brother Jebiah in Tearfall Run. Years ago, my sister and I lived happily in the woods. Then the Ward was breached. I fought the rifts while my sister bent them to her will. Twisted by death energy, she blamed the people of Gloamwood when I died, rather than the power of Regulos. This curse has the feel of her work, but we must learn more. This Hag's Diary explains much about what has been occurring in the wood. It appears there is only one way of dealing with this evil taint, but to see it done, your conviction must be strong. You must hurry, [%NAME]. We must have that book if we're to have a chance to break the curse affecting the people of Gloamwood. Deliver the Hag's Diary to Brother Jebiah in Tearfall Run True Laria Brother Jebiah Never 919 2700 Collect Guardian    
  Digging in the Dirt 48 Stillmoor Use the Construct Activator in the Eye of Regulos to summon a JKG-77, and lead it through the region until it digs up a Dirt Pile. Search the Dirt Piles to collect Blessed Weapons. The Mathosian War incited the widespread use of magical weaponry and Eth technology. Now much of it remains buried beneath the earth in the Eye of Regulos. With the JKG-77 I have created, perhaps we can recover some of these treasures. Look at these Blessed Weapons you've found! Garu laughed when I showed him my JKG-77, but now who's the fool? I'm going to make a killing selling these things! After we've saved the world, of course.   Bring the Blessed Weapons to Nazeel Ferik in Ruston True Nazeel Ferik Nazeel Ferik Never 2924 4770 Collect Defiant    
  Digging Up Weeds 12 Silverwood Isilwyn Alrai wants you to gather Angered Roots and kill Coastal Rovers in the area around Silver Landing. The forest has developed an angry, vengeful disposition of late, and it is really beginning to worry me. We need to investigate the strange, twisted plants that have invaded our majestic forest and slay the depraved wolves that seem to be guarding them. These Angered Roots show definite signs of planar magic as well, [%NAME]. The presence of such forces in our midst concerns me greatly. What else might be tainted by this power? Investigate the trees along the Silver Coast, and see if you can find Angered Roots. Bring some back to me, and I will attempt to divine their significance. Also, kill some Coastal Rovers to keep the coasts safe. Bring the Angered Roots to Isilwyn Alrai at Silver Landing True Isilwyn Alrai Isilwyn Alrai Never 278 1530 Collect      
  Diona, Priestess of Ixalou 45 Shimmersand Cardinal Alwan wants you to search out the waterways of Shimmersand and find the shrine of Ixalou, the pagan god of Diona the Warden. Defeat the river god and claim Diona's Book of Aqueous Rituals. Not every member of the party that imprisoned Greenscale was faithful to the gods of the Vigil. One was a Kelari priestess of a pagan god, a minor river god known as Ixalou. It is rumored that she settled with the Eth after the defeat of the Primordial Beast. Perhaps you can find the shrine of Ixalou in far off Shimmersand? This Diona inscribed a book of rituals that detailed the magic used to bind the dragon before his imprisonment. Find that shrine and take back this book from her pagan god. It is odd that one so impious as to worship river spirits would have the power to defeat the dragon. But these were earlier times. The miracle of the Vigil had not yet occurred and the five great gods stood allied but apart. We will study her Diona's Book of Aqueous Rituals. For even her heretical belief spawned a blessed order. She was the first Warden, and the tradition of worship she started continues today with the faithful's worship of Mariel-Taun and the Vigil. Have you found the altar to the pagan god Ixalu? Did you recover Diona's Book of Aqueous Rituals? Return to Cardinal Alwan in Sanctum False Cardinal Alwan Cardinal Alwan Never 3465 6000   Guardian    
  Dire Demise 18 Silverwood Bring Kelgnaw's Fang to Cailin Imora at Overwatch Keep. This is a fang taken from the mouth of Kelgnaw, the large wolf that lives at Overwatch Keep with his master, Prince Hylas. His death will be of great interest to the Guardian forces at Overwatch Keep. Kelgnaw has caused the death of many brave men and women over the years. His death will save many lives in the future. Thank you, [%NAME].   Bring Kelgnaw's Fang to Cailin Imora at Overwatch Keep False   Cailin Imora Never 530 2070        
  Dirty Job 48 Stillmoor Use the Eye of Bahralt to uncover Blessed Weapons, buried since the Mathosian War. Use the relic in the Eye of Regulos when it alerts you to the presence of a Blessed Weapon. The blast that created the Eye of Regulos buried many of Zareph's army beneath the earth. That means the Blessed Weapons they carried might still be there. It is for this purpose I crafted the Eye of Bahralt - to detect the presence of these artifacts. These Blessed Weapons are fantastic! Look at this craftsmanship - amazing! They will make a fine addition to our arsenal, [%NAME]. The Endless Court would be wise to beware.   Bring the Blessed Weapons to Miriam Glen at Thalin Tor True Miriam Glen Miriam Glen Never 2924 4770 Collect Guardian    
  Dirty Stinking Marsh 11 Silverwood Kelnin Malm wants you to help Scotty by protecting him while he searches for items in the Sunken Marsh. Murbo told me what happened in Quicksilver College. Fiona Lechtum is a witch and a cheat! Scotty passed that trial of hers, so now she's sent him into harm's way. She's making him collect items amid these dangerous beasts. We can't let Scotty get hurt. Brilliant! That was just great how you protected Scotty from those vespids. I'm sure Fiona and her hazing committee wil stop picking on him now. Well, maybe Scotty will see you again in Quicksilver College someday. Until then, take care of yourself! Go! Scotty is running out there all alone! If he gets tackled by one of those boglings, he's a goner for sure! Run after him! Please, [%NAME], he needs your help! Return to Kelnin Malm in Sunken Marsh False Kelnin Malm Kelnin Malm Never 243 1440 Escort      
  Discarded Supplies 7 Freemarch Search the surrounding waters for Defiant Supplies and bring them back to Gretta Greene on Gray Sands. By keeping close to the bomani, I was able to study their physiology to devise a weapon against them. I'd just received the supplies to build the device, when the bomani attacked, dumping everything into the sea. We need those Defiant Supplies back. Perfect, you have the Defiant Supplies, and it doesn't appear the salt water has damaged them. It'll take but a few minutes to assemble the weapon. Did you get the Defiant Supplies yet? Bring the Defiant Supplies to Gretta Greene at Gray Sands True Gretta Greene Gretta Greene Never 125 1080 Kill      
  Discordant Spirits 19 Silverwood Collect the Locket of Mariel-Taun from Dehrnal, the Branch of Tavril from Eogan, and the Seashell of Thontic from Onnep. Draw them out of hiding by torching their valuables. Kongeegon is nourished by the Seed of Destruction, and to breach it, we need the Vigil. Yet, though I feel their presence, I cannot hear their counsel. Minions of Hylas have stolen holy relics that would enhance my ability to understand the guidance of the gods. Do you have the relics? Good. It pains me to feel the Vigil's will, and yet be deaf to their words. Now, however, their intentions will be clear to both of us. Our success depends on the recovery of the holy relics, [%name]. You'll find Locket of Mariel-Taun from Dehrnal, Branch of Tavril from Eogan, and Seashell of Thontic from Onnep. Bring the relics to Niall Adnar at Overwatch Keep False Niall Adnar Niall Adnar Never 579 2160 Collect      
  Diseased Vermin 31 Scarwood Reach Agrippina Iakova would like you to use the Soap to remove pollution from the critters around Keenblade Mill. I know it's really sad to see these critters covered in toxic sludge, but to make things worse, those little critters are getting inside the mill and contaminating our workers. This mill isn't exactly clean, but we've got to try and maintain our respectable image. Thanks for cleaning those critters, [%NAME]. Say, you might want to use the rest of that Soap on yourself. I don't want you making the rest of my workers sick. You don't look anywhere near dirty enough for someone who just scrubbed wild animals. Return to Agrippina Iakova at Loggers' Rest True Agrippina Iakova Agrippina Iakova Never 1335 3240 Use Item Defiant    
  Dishonorable Heirlooms 13 Freemarch Kerrick Levinor would like you to collect Carleb's Wailing Axe, Haron's Cursed Decanter, and Tyroth's Book Of Dirty Tricks from the undead lieutenants of Jakub's army. Some of the risen lieutenants of Jakub's army are carrying certain items of power. If we could take those into our possession, we would be removing dread tools of evil from their hands. The artifacts from Jakub's lieutenants look to be the foci of their power. Good. I'll rest a little easier knowing that they can no longer exploit these objects for evil. Do you have all of those artifacts from Jakub's lieutenants? They aren't being used for any good. Bring the artifacts to Kerrick Levinor in the Scarred Mire True Kerrick Levinor Kerrick Levinor Never 314 1620 Collect Defiant    
  Disrupt and Destroy 50 Shimmersand Atifa Noor has asked you to use the Homages in Dragon's Tail to summon three demons of Maelforge, and to slay the fiends before they wreak destruction upon Fortune's Shore. The Wanton have raised Homages in Dragon's Tail meant to summon powerful servants of Maelforge. Please, [%NAME], these demons must not be brought under the control of the Wanton. They would fall upon Fortune's Shore, and many innocent lives would be lost! You have sent those monsters back to their own plane once again. I am in awe of your bravery and skill this day, my [%lord_lady]. Those Homages must be destroyed before we have even more trouble on our hands. Return to Atifa Noor at Wyrmbane Spire True   Atifa Noor Daily 3150 4950        
  Disrupting the Ritual 44 Iron Pine Peak Tabitha Leighton would like you to kill Rhotip the Caller and Nhagoa in Icewatch Outpost to disrupt the summoning ritual. The Abyssal plan to summon a horrific demon and unleash it upon Whitefall! We have one chance to disrupt their plans, and we cannot miss it. This ritual will be conducted outdoors - the bridge between the towers must be the location. [%NAME], you have done it! I knew the Vigil's light would guide you in this dark hour! By slaying Rhotip the Caller and Nhagoa, you have destroyed two of the Abyssal's most potent weapons! There are few places in Iron Pine where the planar lines are this potent. We must reclaim this site for the Vigil as no others are worthy to manipulate its power. Return to Tabitha Leighton in Exile's Den True Tabitha Leighton Tabitha Leighton Never 3327 5880 Kill Guardian    
  Disruption of Service 31 Scarwood Reach Kaspar Massi has asked that you investigate a missing courier. He has heard rumors of an Aelfwar attack between Keenblade Mill and Granite Watch to the west. [%NAME], I have a task that requires someone with your attention to detail. A courier of mine was en route to Granite Watch and is now a day overdue. Rumors of a Fellpine Aelfwar ambush are in circulation. This ransacked cart matches the description you were given, and that looks like it is the courier's body.   Investigate the Ambushed Cart True Kaspar Massi   Never 534 1080 Use Item Defiant    
  Distilling for Dummies 20 Sanctum Renwhist Coverdale wants you to gather Duskglory Petals and Golden Nettle Stems. Well [%NAME] from what I can tell, this sample you brought me is a cross between Duskglory and Golden Nettle. If you can bring me some of each, I can run some tests and see if I can recreate this sap in a distillate. Excellent my friend! Give me a moment and I think I can tell you how to recreate this amazing sample.   Take the Duskglory Petals and Golden Nettle Stems to Renwhist Coverdale in Sanctum. False Renwhist Coverdale Renwhist Coverdale Never 630 2250 Collect      
  Distilling for Dummies 20 Meridian Jace Prisco wants you to gather Duskglory Petals and Golden Nettle Stems. Well [%NAME] from what I can tell, this sample you brought me is a cross between Duskglory and Golden Nettle. If you can bring me some of each, I can run some tests and see if I can recreate this sap in a distillate. Excellent my friend! Give me a moment and I think I can tell you how to recreate this amazing sample.   Take the Duskglory Petals and Golden Nettle Stems to Jace Prisco in Meridian. False Jace Prisco Jace Prisco Never 630 2250 Collect      
  Divine Inspiration 6 Silverwood Orin Bancroft wants you to inspire Guardian Sentries at Divine Landing with the Sigil of Inspiration. We fight foes on two fronts. In one sense this is folly, but in another it is our destiny to overcome such odds. This is a lesson that we Ascended have learned since Mathosia, but that many normal folk do not yet understand. Take this ancient sigil to inspire our Sentries against the demons of Maelforge. Remind them that the Guardians are the Vigil's chosen saviors of Telara. The courageous shouts of our soldiers are wonderful to hear. Thank you for inspiring them with your blessing, [%NAME]. To win the war against Maelforge and the Defiants, we must win the hearts and minds of Guardians of all ranks. We cannot win alone. The Ascended must not only inspire fear, but courage. Help our Guardian Sentries experience your faith and purity of purpose. Use the Sigil of Inspiration to inspire Guardian Sentries to action. Return to Orin Bancroft at Divine Landing True Orin Bancroft Orin Bancroft Never 68 660        
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