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  Secrets of the Sands 43 Shimmersand You must find the missing Pages to the Hiddensands Treasure map among Discarded Waste piles on Jeweled Heights. A sunbaked corpse reaches for the tattered remnants of what appears to be a guide. The title is old, but legible. Under the heading, "The Treasure of Hiddensands," there is a map, but it is missing a few sections. Maybe they are still amongst the rubble here? When the last piece is fit into place, the location of the Hiddensands Treasure is suddenly clear. If you hurry, you may be the one to claim it! The map is still incomplete. Return to the Hiddensands Treasure Map at Jeweled Heights True     Never 2393 4320        
  Securing Source 50 Meridian Assist Sylver in creating a device capable of immobilizing a massive planar creature. I have been studying the schematics. I am beginning to believe that what this device did was immobilize Regulos long enough for them to execute their attacks. It's terribly fascinating! I am still decoding the rest, but I am certain of a few things that I will need. The first is a very large supply of sourcestone. The Deepstrike Mines could provide most of this if we took complete control of them. You need to go deep down into the mines and drive out the last of its monsters! We have the mines? Wonderful! I am ready to tell you what we need next! Such elegant equations! I feel like I am falling a little bit in love with the original creator just based on their work. Now, do you have the mines secured yet? Return to Sylver in the College of Planar Studies True Sylver Valis Sylver Valis Never 5040 9900   Defiant    
  Securing the Port 50 Battle for Port Scion Confront the Defiant in Port Scion and overcome their forces five times. The Defiant continue to challenge our assault on Port Scion! We must be relentless if we wish to secure our ancestral city, lest we all find ourselves out in the cold! Go to Port Scion, Guardian, and dominate them. I think we may finally consider ourselves rid of the threat of the Defiant in Port Scion. Nicely done, Guardian. I would expect you to be out on the streets fighting the Defiant for Port Scion, not here bothering me. Return to Marshal Weston in Sanctum of the Vigil True Marshal Weston Marshal Weston Never 4200 6600        
  Seeds of Their Destruction 30 Scarwood Reach Collect Infused Ore and Raw Stormstone to make a weapon against the planar invaders. Deliver them to Advisor Kyl'radi when you are done. The air rift that has appeared in the Howling Plateau is a serious concern. It's centered on an ancient relic and guarded by powerful planar invaders. To make matters worse, the Defiant are moving in to procure the relic. The rift invaders are far too powerful to take on directly, but my advisor thinks he can help us overcome them. We just need a few things first. Oh, good, you have the Infused Ore and Raw Stormstone. Yes, [%CLASS], these should do perfectly. Renegade miners are excavating Infused Ore northeast of here, and Raw Stormstone can be found in the harpy nests along the cliff edges to the east. Bring the materials to Advisor Kyl'radi at Camp Vigil True Captain Ledisko Advisor Kyl'radi Never 1260 3150 Collect Guardian    
  Seeing Double 31 Scarwood Reach Private Bure wants you to speak with other soldiers in Kain's Command and Heroes' Stand about the monster that attacked him, then report to Sergeant Heinrich in Heroes' Stand. I still can't believe what happened to me. I was scouting some rooms under Lord's Hall and ran into some sort of giant with two heads! I don't remember much after that, but it was something I'd never seen before. No one believes me, but I swear I'm not lying! We'll keep an eye out for this two-headed monster, but I can't take any more significant steps without more proof than a soldier with a head injury. Has anyone had anything to say to support the soldier's claims? Speak with Sergeant Heinrich at Heroes' Stand True Private Bure Sergeant Heinrich Never 890 2160 Talk Guardian    
  Seeing Reason 29 Scarlet Gorge Now that the council members of Rock Ridge are seeing reason again, alert Anla Helmfast, a Guardian operative in Granitedust Gulch to the north. Thank you for freeing our minds from the power of this scrying orb. It's best if Nambus, Sandra, and I pretend we're still under its power while we try to assist the survivors of Rock Ridge. Please, ask your people to send more help our way! With their leadership restored, the citizens of Rock Ridge will be able to help themselves to a greater extent. I'll make sure to send more Guardian operatives there as well to drive out the invaders and defend the people.   Find Anla Helmfast in Granitedust Gulch True Sedrick Finely Anla Helmfast Never 1188 3060 Talk Guardian    
  Seek and Destroy 34 Scarwood Reach Lotham Darkmoon in Lotham's Strike has asked you to use his spectacles to track down the notorious ranger Kelynn Eregor. There is a ruthless ranger in the woods around this place that must be stopped. The elven mistress, Kelynn Eregor, has been thwarting our efforts and killing civilians in the name of the Aelfwar. It's time she's brought to justice, [%NAME]. Killing Kelynn is a gift to Perspice as well as the Defiant, [%NAME]. Your name will echo across the halls of Meridian for this. Hurry, Kelynn struck recently, and can't have gotten to far. Return to Lotham Darkmoon in Lotham's Strike True Lotham Darkmoon Lotham Darkmoon Daily 1571 3510 Daily Defiant    
  Seek Out Argent Glade 8 Silverwood Rudi Tanlop wants you to follow the road north and deliver his report to Colten Feddel in Argent Glade. We must inform the Guardian leadership of the goblin threat at once. Colten Feddel stands watch over the southern border of Argent Glade. He's the right hand man of Brougan Grote, the leader of Argent Glade. Colten will know what to do. What's this, friend? A report from Rudi, I see. This is troubling news. We've been keeping an eye to the north for so long that we often forget how easy it is to flank Argent Glade. We cannot lose another second, [%class]. Just follow this road north and it should lead you to Argent Glade. Colten Feddel must have my report at once. Deliver Rudi's Report to Colten Feddel in Argent Glade False Rudi Tanlop Colten Feddel Never 61 390 Collect      
  Seeking Guidance 38 Moonshade Highlands Thomas Penthas has asked you to seek guidance from the Messenger of Bahralt at his altar in Faering Woods, southwest of Hammerlord Post. The Moonshade Highlands are in a state of peril, [%NAME]. After hearing of the events at Three Springs, I think it's time we sought guidance from the Vigil. There is an Altar of Bahralt within the Faering Woods. Perhaps the mighty patron of the dwarves will offer some advice. The Abyssal have taken the Messenger? This is most distressing news. We need to act fast, [%NAME]. Our new direction has just become quite clear. Were you able to commune with Bahralt's Messenger? What did he say? Return to Thomas Penthas at Hammerlord Post True Thomas Penthas Thomas Penthas Never 1916 3870        
  Sentries on the Bridge 50 Shimmersand Jabarik wants you to kill Wanton Sentries and Demolitionists that are occupying the stone bridge above the channel just north of Fortune's Shore. The stone bridge high above the inlet to the north has become infested with Wanton cultists. I'm certain they are planning some sort of attack on Fortune's Shore. I need you to go and take care of this, [%NAME]. Thank you, [%NAME]. We must be extra diligent in these dark times. The bridge is high above us to the north. Please hurry, [%NAME]. Return to Jabarik in Fortune's Shore True   Jabarik Daily 3150 4950        
  Serpent Storm 10 Shimmersand The colossal Storm Serpent Aurispus is commanding a massive invasion force to attack Shimmersand! The colossal Storm Serpent Aurispus is commanding a massive invasion force to attack Shimmersand! The Ascended must defeat the rifts and invasions from the Plane of Air. The Ascended have overcome the Storm Serpent!     False     Always            
  Servant of the Fathomlord 15 Freemarch You have discovered a talisman with the markings of the Abyssal leader Budlopudlul. Deliver the talisman to Ziara Altanin on the outskirts of Lakeside Outpost On the corpse of the Abyssal known as Rygigas, you have discovered a talisman with the markings of the Abyssal leader Budlopudlul. Ziara Altanin should know what to do with this evidence of the Abyssal presence in Freemarch. This Rygigas that you dealt with is obviously a servant of the Fathomlord. I shall bring this evidence of the Abyssal pressence to the Faceless Man in Meridian.   Deliver the Abyssal Talisman to Ziara Altanin outside of Lakeside Outpost False   Ziara Altanin Never 394 1800 Collect Defiant    
  Servants of Air 47 Shimmersand Essam Fudail has asked you to slay Scaldserpent Nagas at Scaldwater Fields to the west of Windfury Post. Naga are one of the more vile creatures allied with the Storm Legion. Many a man has wandered haplessly into Scaldwater Fields and never returned. On top of that, they have begun summoning elemental air creatures to serve their dark purposes. I would spit on their corpses but I don't believe they deserve even that much respect. Let their deaths serve as a warning to the Storm Legion that death is at their door. Those naga will not live to see tomorrow, [%NAME]. Return to Essam Fudail at Windfury Post True Essam Fudail Essam Fudail Never 2813 4680        
  Servants of Twyl 19 Silverwood Emilyn Summers wants you to collect High Elf Scrolls from Defenders and Envoys of Twyl in Overwatch Keep. Fae Lord Twyl has unleashed his fae minions upon this sacred elven fortress. We cannot let this travesty continue. As we speak, the satyr brutes steal the rich history of the high elves. We must destroy the satyrs and recover our legacy. I trust the satyrs didn't give up these scrolls too easily. I look forward to the day when Twyl and his minions are banished back into the Realm of the Fae, and we Guardians can sing the glory of the Vigil from the shining beacon of Sanctum. There is little time, [%name]. The fae creatures at Twyl's command are not of this world and may soon depart into the rifts from whence they came. We must recover the high elf legacy before it is lost forever. Bring the High Elf Scrolls to Emilyn Summers at Overwatch Keep True Emilyn Summers Emilyn Summers Never 579 2160        
  Servants to the Night 45 Stillmoor Revinov Dehzbog in Phoenix Rise would like you to kill Blood Drained thralls in Belmont. A thrall is one who willingly offers his own blood to his vampire masters. This disgusting union makes a thrall completely subservient to his donor. As an extension of the power of the damned, these Blood Drained thralls must be destroyed. The pact between master and thrall gives the thrall eternal life as long as they continue to drink vampire blood. The bargain seems too good to be true if you forget that there are those righteous enough to cut out that which is unnatural to Mathosia. Find the Blood Drained and destroy them. We can't allow abominations like that to survive. Return to Revinov Dehzbog in Phoenix Rise True Revinov Dehzbog Revinov Dehzbog Never 2599 4500 Kill Defiant    
  Set Them Free 48 Shimmersand Cala Overeem wants you to free Guardian Prisoners from the Mind Converter Cells at Sandstorm Refuge, southwest of Windfury Post. I'm afraid you are not the first Guardian I have sent to Sandstorm Refuge to investigate the Storm Legion. Several others have gone before you, but none have returned. I'm fearful that I have sent them to their deaths. Please find them and bring them back safely, [%NAME]. Oh, thank the Vigil you have returned, and looking no worse for wear from when I last saw you. Master Daggerborne was right about you, [%NAME] - you have the soul of a true hero. Sandstorm Refuge is to the southwest, on the other side of Scaldwater Fields. Return to Cala Overeem at Windfury Post True Cala Overeem Cala Overeem Never 2924 4770        
  Severing the Tether 18 Silverwood Kill Aelfwar Invokers in the Palisade, then use the Talisman of the Vigil on their corpses to sever the planar tether they have with the fortress. The Aelfwar Invokers use planar magic to keep the Palisades standing strong and impervious to harm. Yet, the Talisman of the Vigil can overcome any planar magic Hylas can muster. Use it to break the elves' connection to the magic, and the Palisade will fall. Did the cleansing seem effective, [%class]? I may be an old man, but my calculations are not usually wrong. The talisman's power should have severed the tether between the invokers and the Palisade. The fortress will surely begin to crumble within days. The Palisade is north of Argent Glade and Untamed Copse. You may have to search deep in the fortress to find the Aelfwar Invokers. Return to Jerome Drift in Quicksilver College False Jerome Drift Jerome Drift Never 530 2070 Use Item      
  Severing Their Life Line 34 Scarwood Reach Lotham Darkmoon asks that you destroy the Life Nexuses in Lotham's Strike. The Devout Aelfwar are weakening the Ward in order to draw life energy. The spots where the Ward is weakest are marked with a Life Nexus. By destroying them, we cut off the Aelfwar connection to the Plane of Life in this region. A Life Nexus is a hub of planar energy that is leaking into our realm. The worshippers of Greenscale use them to power their magic, but now that you've destroyed them, the Aelfwar will be little more than poorly bathed elves. The tide of this battle is turning in our favor, [%NAME]. Return to Lotham Darkmoon at Lotham's Strike True Lotham Darkmoon Lotham Darkmoon Never 1571 3510 Destroy Defiant    
  Sewage Treatment 45 Shimmersand Minkabe Ziyad wants you to kill Polluted Waterlords that have tainted the waters at Bilgewater Grotto, at the port of Fortune's Shore. The city of Fortune's Shore used to be a Khaliti stronghold. We even buried our ancestors in the port waters, but they have become infested with Polluted Waterlords, formed from the waste of those ships you see docked there. Please help us restore our sacred waters. Even with the Polluted Waterlords destroyed, it will take the water many cycles to be free of corruption. When that time comes, however, we will take back our ancient burial tombs. There may be more of those Polluted Waterlords than we think, hiding within Bilgewater Grotto. Return to Minkabe Ziyad at Khaliti Row True Minkabe Ziyad Minkabe Ziyad Never 2599 4500        
  Shade of the Family 22 Gloamwood Laria wants you to deliver her locket to Gwyddon Duskenleaf in Gloamwood Pines. I'm unable to help you further. My power is limited, and it is time for you to return to Gwyddon Duskenleaf and tell him what you have learned. Take this locket. Inside is the essence of the Amorian Root, just enough to continue your hunt through the past. This locket is given to protectors of this forest. My own was passed down through generations. It has served as a constant reminder to repay a debt, and Laria's Locket may unlock her shrouded past. This must be my chance to uphold my family's pact.   Deliver Laria's Locket to Gwyddon Duskenleaf in Gloamwood Pines True Laria Gwyddon Duskenleaf Never 296 810 Deliver Guardian    
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